RF Distribution

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  • PSC PowerStar RF

    979.69 USD

    PSC PowerStar RF -- Combines a diversity RF antenna distribution system with a built-in power distribution system with dual external DC inputs.

  • PSC RF Multi Mini

    764.75 USD

    PSC RF Multi Mini -- Contains two, separate, active 1 x 3 RF splitters for use with up to three (3) diversity receivers. This compact, rugged device was developed using the latest super low noise, high current RF amplifiers and will operate over various frequency ranges based on which bandpass filter it is built with.…

  • Wisycom BFLT1 Module

    995.00 USD

    Wisycom BFLT1 -- Single RF-over-Fiber module with selectable filters and Bluetooth long range. Equipped with an optical laser which trasform an RF signal to an optical signal. Unavailable for shipping outside the United States and Canada.

  • Wisycom BFLR1 Module

    795.00 USD

    Wisycom BFLR1 Module -- Portable RF over Fiber unit equipped with a photodiode that transforms an optical signal to an RF signal.

  • Wisycom MAT244 -- Very flexible receive combiner especially designed to manage RF in a multi-site production environment.

  • Wisycom MAT288 -- Diversity wideband programmable receive matrix combiner. Allows the combining of RF coming from 8 areas on the fly.

  • PSC RF 4 Rack

    1,692.25 USD

    PSC RF 4 Rack -- 4 slot rack that contains built in low noise, high current RF amplifiers and distribution circuitry. The 4-way, active RF splitters will feed high quality RF to your four slot receivers. Frequency options: Single Band (470-700 Mhz), Dual Band (470-618 Mhz & 940-960 Mhz), and Wide Band (470-960 Mhz)