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Lectrosonics ARG100

A 100 foot antenna cable of Belden 9913F low-loss coax cable with BNC connectors at each end. Double shielded, flexible, 50 Ohms, with a foamed polyethylene dielectric. Lower loss (3 to 4 dB) with somewhat less weight than standard RG-8 with the same 0.400″ diameter.

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Yamaha MY8-AES96S Digital AES IO Card Lectrosonics VRS in Block 28

Micron Wireless Package

Includes (2)SDR530.1,(2)TX501.1,(2)cases,(1) 2-XLR3M to 8pin Lemo with Hirose DC power input cable,(1)2-XLR3M to 8pin Lemo with Swithchcraft 761k DC power input cable,(1)XLR3F cable to 8pin Lemo cable,(1)XLR3F to 8pin Lemo with on off switch,(5)Lemo antennas,(2)Sma antennas

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Freq: 206.62MHz, 211.0 MHz
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