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Bag of Audio Solution Adapters

Includes: 3x Shure a15LA line input adapters, 3x Shure A15A 15 db attenuators, 1x Shure A15LP low pass filter, 1x Shure A15HP high pass filter, 1x Shure A85F line matching transformer, 2x Switchcraft HP100 adaptors, 1x Sescom ISO-1 line matching transformer and pouch.

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Fostex 6301-BE Speaker

Lectrosonics ARG100

A 100 foot antenna cable of Belden 9913F low-loss coax cable with BNC connectors at each end. Double shielded, flexible, 50 Ohms, with a foamed polyethylene dielectric. Lower loss (3 to 4 dB) with somewhat less weight than standard RG-8 with the same 0.400″ diameter.

Condition: Mint
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