• Muga Slip-On Antenna Covers

    From: 42.99 USD

    Muga Slip-On Antenna Covers -- Set of two (2) black antenna covers. Betso/Deity version fits either brands' bowtie antennas. Sound Devices version fits Monarch antennas. Made of cordura fabric with 1/8" internal foam padding. Covers easily slip on the antennas. Velcro enclosure at the bottom.

  • Easyrig Boom Rig Support System

    From: 1,468.00 USD

    Easyrig Boom Rig Support System -- Lightweight and portable Easyrig for sound engineers and boom operators.

  • DPA AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen -- Professional windscreens for lavalier and headset microphones, with patent-pending design that guarantees fast mounting, highly efficient & consistent wind protection, and unrivaled acoustic transparency. Two sizes available: Small & Large. And six color options: Gray, Black, Brown, White, Beige, & Off-White.

  • Tentacle Sync TIMEBAR -- Multifunctional timecode display revolutionizing ease-of-use for timecode workflows. The TIMEBAR’s unique OLED display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle, ensures excellent readability. The TIMEBAR can also seamlessly be used as a TC generator. It's a compact, all-in-one time code solution that ensures precision, versatility, and convenience for your workflow.

  • Soundcart Co-Pilot Workstation

    From: 885.00 USD

    Soundcart Co-Pilot Workstation -- Multi-functional location/studio workstation for sound utilities and/or ENG sound mixers.

  • Bubblebee Industries The Windbubble Pro -- The ultimate wind protection for omni-directional lavalier, field recording, and headset microphones. Single or twin packs. 6 size options (Extra Small, Extra Small Extreme, Small, Small Extreme, Medium, and Medium Extreme) & four colors (Black, White, Beige, and Grey). Large versions are also available (here), only as twin packs.

  • Lectrosonics DSSM Miniature Water-Resistant Digital Transmitter -- Enhanced, fully digital successor to the SSM. The DSSM is the smallest transmitter on the market with an IP57 rating and removeable battery.

  • Zaxcom VRX1 VHF IFB Audio Receiver -- Designed to monitor audio and cue talent in any number of film, television, and broadcast environments. Features an intuitive voice prompt system, voting, frame specific audio delay, an adaptive squelch, headphone equalization, and multiple power options, all in a lightweight, rugged, and easy-to-use device. Unavailable for shipping outside…



  • Ambient UMP-OUT-3L-D Cable -- Ambient UMP III audio output cable for TA3F to 3-pin screw locking (Lemo compatible) for digital transmitters, w/ integrated capacitors to suppress RF interference. Length approx. 16 cm.

  • Ambient UMP-OUT-3L-A Cable -- Ambient UMP III audio output cable for TA3F to 3-pin screw locking (Lemo compatible) for analog transmitters, e.g. Sennheiser SK50, Lectrosonics SSM. Length approx. 16 cm.

  • Ambient LTC-OUT USB-C SD Cable -- Timecode output cable. 5-pin push-pull connector (Lemo compatible) to USB-C (Sound Devices Only). Compatible with A20-TX and A20-Mini from Sound Devices.

  • Ambient LTC-OUT USB-C Cable -- Timecode output cable. 5-pin push-pull connector (Lemo compatible) to USB-C. Compatible with the Osmo Action 3 & 4.

  • Keep your production online with blazing fast unlimited 5G speeds with the T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway.

  • Audio-Technica BP28 and BP28L Shotgun Microphones -- Line + gradient large diaphragm condenser shotgun microphones. The BP28 has an overall length of 14" with a highly directional pickup pattern, whereas the BP28L has an overall length of 22.4" with an extremely narrow, highly directional pickup pattern.

  • Orca OR-180 -- Set of 4 transparent accessories pouches. Designed to help and organize accessories inside the bag with maximum visibility. The pouches can safely secure headsets, connectors, small wireless systems, microphones, camera adaptors, batteries, cables, on-camera lights, small monitors, and more.

  • Radius RAD Mount Top Bracket with Thumbwheel -- Top swivel arm bracket for all styles of RAD mounts with thumbwheel screw attached. This is the central piece to the RAD mounts that all other main components attach to (isolation hoops, boom adaptor or pistol grip handle).

  • Radius RAD Mount Pistol Grip Handle -- Designed to attach to the RAD Mount top bracket and thumbwheel. This handle can be swapped out with a RAD-1 or RAD-2 boom adaptor to use for handheld recording. It also has a 3/8 threaded bottom so it can fit on boom poles, stand or used with a…

  • Radius Black Multi Pile Replacement Fur Wind Covers -- Replacement wind covers for Rycote and Cinela windshields. Black multi pile synthetic fur. Comes with a smooth internal lining and drawstring.

  • Radius Mini Windcovers -- Made from high quality synthetic acoustic fur. They are individually made to specifically fit over the recorder (and on-camera) microphones they are sized for -- both in the X/Y and A/B configurations.

  • Radius Large Hole Urchin Lavalier Windshields -- Made to fit lavalier mics 4-6mm in diameter. These are made from synthetic black fur and have a low profile that is approximately 35mm across from end-to-end. Available as single or pair.  




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