• Sound Devices A20-SuperNexus -- 16-channel receiver with HexVersity® (2- to 6-antenna diversity), expandable to 32 channels via software licenses–all in just a 1U 19” rack. Call for Pricing (800) 241-8994

  • Easyrig Boom Rig Support System

    From: 1,468.00 USD

    Easyrig Boom Rig Support System -- Lightweight and portable Easyrig for sound engineers and boom operators.

  • DPA AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen -- Professional windscreens for lavalier and headset microphones, with patent-pending design that guarantees fast mounting, highly efficient & consistent wind protection, and unrivaled acoustic transparency. Two sizes available: Small & Large. And six color options: Gray, Black, Brown, White, Beige, & Off-White.

  • Tentacle Sync TIMEBAR -- Multifunctional timecode display revolutionizing ease-of-use for timecode workflows. The TIMEBAR’s unique OLED display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle, ensures excellent readability. The TIMEBAR can also seamlessly be used as a TC generator. It's a compact, all-in-one time code solution that ensures precision, versatility, and convenience for your workflow.

  • Bubblebee Industries The Windbubble Pro -- The ultimate wind protection for omni-directional lavalier, field recording, and headset microphones. Single or twin packs. 6 size options (Extra Small, Extra Small Extreme, Small, Small Extreme, Medium, and Medium Extreme) & four colors (Black, White, Beige, and Grey). Large versions are also available (here), only as twin packs.

  • Lectrosonics DSSM Miniature Water-Resistant Digital Transmitter -- Enhanced, fully digital successor to the SSM. The DSSM is the smallest transmitter on the market with an IP57 rating and removeable battery.

  • Zaxcom VRX1 VHF IFB Audio Receiver -- Designed to monitor audio and cue talent in any number of film, television, and broadcast environments. Features an intuitive voice prompt system, voting, frame specific audio delay, an adaptive squelch, headphone equalization, and multiple power options, all in a lightweight, rugged, and easy-to-use device. Unavailable for shipping outside…

  • Remote Audio BDSv5 SMART Battery Distribution System -- The next generation of the Remote Audio BDS, the standard in power management systems for ENG audio bags. The BDSv5 SMART has been expanded from 6 to 8 outputs and is available with 2 output connector variants: Standard (5.5mm barrel jack) and Hirose (4-pin).

  • DPA 2017 Shotgun Microphone -- Extremely directional mic that combines crystal clear, authentic sound and stable, consistent performance under harsh conditions.

  • Wavenet NESO 2.4 Base Station -- Digital audio wireless transmission system for monitoring applications in TV, theater, and any other production environment.

  • Wisycom MPR52-ENG -- Two channels diversity receiver DSP Analogue & Digital Audio Output (AES3) Up to 790 MHz bandwidth in 470/1260 MHz range Next Gen Multiband front-end filtering: High Q moving filter in 470-960 MHz High Q moving filter in 960-1160 MHz (DME)



  • Deity PR-2 Pocket Recorder -- Reliable and portable audio for capturing high-quality recordings on the go. The Deity PR-2 Pocket Recorder is a small but mighty device that packs a punch with an impressive range of features that make it stand out from the competition.

  • Audioroot eSMART BH2 -- Versatile dual battery holder/holster/combiner designed for eSMART Lithium batteries, offering a robust solution for powering your professional audio and video equipment.

  • PortaBrace AO-1.5SILENT — SILENT pro audio bags for field recorders. Slightly larger than the AO-1SILENT bags. Designed for use with audio field mixers. Lightweight yet rugged construction. Available Models AO-1.5SILENT AO-1.5SILENTH (With Audio Harness) AO-1.5SILENTS (With Suede Strap) AO-1.5SILENT+ (With Heavy Duty Strap and Harness, Rain Cover, & Pouches) AO-1.5SILENTSHQP (With Shoulder Strap, Harness, Rain…

  • PortaBrace AO-1SILENT -- SILENT pro audio bags for field recorders. Designed for use with audio field mixers. Lightweight yet rugged construction. Available Models: AO-1SILENT AO-1SILENTH (Includes: Audio Harness) AO-1SILENTS (Includes: Suede Strap) AO-1SILENT+ (Includes: Heavy Duty Strap and Harness, Rain Cover, & Pouches) AO-1SILENTSHQP (Includes: Shoulder Strap, Harness, Rain Cover, & Audio Pouches) AO-1SILENTSQ (Includes:…

  • Deity Boom Pole

    185.00 USD

    Deity Boom Pole -- 5-section carbon fiber boom pole. Extends to 8.5 feet and collapses down to 27.5 inches. Can fit into a medium-sized suitcase, avoiding oversized luggage fees.

  • Cinela Z-KELLY Rain Cover for ZEPHYX -- Rain protection dedicated to the ZEPHYX windscreen. The thick layer (3cm) of large cell foam reduces the noise of the rain drops. Includes 150ml water-repellent Nikwak spray (for use on windshield fabric ONLY--not the foam).

  • Cinela AL-KELLY Rain Cover for ALBERT -- Rain protection dedicated to the ALBERT windscreen. The thick layer (3cm) of large cell foam reduces the noise of the rain drops. Includes 150ml water-repellent Nikwak spray (for use on windshield fabric ONLY--not the foam).

  • Tentacle Sync C25 Timecode Cable -- Tentacle to Flash Synchro Socket timecode adapter cable for the LUMIX SH1, GH5s, GH6, and GH7 cameras.

  • Wavenet NESO 2.4 Rechargeable Behind-the-Ear Receiver with Dual Charger -- For use with the NESO 2.4 base station. Includes storage case, tools, cleaning kit, and dual charger. Can be purchased with 1 or 2 receivers.

  • IDX DUO-C98R  -- Compact IATA friendly (<100Wh) Li-ion professional battery with multiple power outputs. SMBUS allows for data display in the viewfinder on RED camera.

  • Sonosax SX-RX8+ 8-Channel Extension Module -- Smaller and lighter than typical a Superslot or Unislot, the SX-RX8+ is composed of minimal mechanical parts. Includes a slot for a 98Wh battery that can power the receivers, the SX-RX8+, and a recorder, such as the SX-R4+.

  • Klover MiK Wind Covers

    From: 55.00 USD

    Klover MiK Wind Covers -- Can be used along with the wind cover that slips over your lapel microphone. They work perfectly together. The wind cover slips over the entire dish, like a dead cat on a shotgun mic, and is closed in the back with a draw string. Available for the MiK 26, MiK…




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