• Bubblebee Industries The Mic Hiding Starter Kit -- Everything needed in this fundamental starter kit for hiding lapel and lavalier microphones.

  • Bubblebee Industries The Invisible Skin Tape -- The ultimate solution for discreet cable management. Crafted with hypoallergenic transparent materials, this breathable and sweat proof tape offers a discreet low-profile solution for effortlessly managing your lavalier microphone cable.

  • Ambient QuickPole QP Slim -- New Slim edition of the popular Ambient QuickPole Series.

  • URSA X Strap

    47.00 USD

    URSA X Strap -- Designed specifically as one solid unit with no Velcro, making it durable and secure. Features four mic pouches along the chest strap (designed for DPA 6060 & DPA 4060 diameter microphones), one pouch for an URSA MiniMount, and a fourth larger pouch for a Sanken RM11.

  • On Set Headsets - Tubeez -- Stylish earpieces for walkie-talkies that are perfect for clear and comfortable communication on set.

  • Mono Nagra ACC Line Input Cable by Remote Audio. 6-pin Tuchel male on the Nagra end; RCA male on the other end. 56K Ohm series resistor installed. Length: 48 inches.

  • PSC RF Multi Mini

    764.75 USD

    PSC RF Multi Mini -- Contains two, separate, active 1 x 3 RF splitters for use with up to three (3) diversity receivers. This compact, rugged device was developed using the latest super low noise, high current RF amplifiers and will operate over various frequency ranges based on which bandpass filter it is built with.…

  • PSC RF 4 Rack

    1,692.95 USD

    PSC RF 4 Rack -- 4 slot rack that contains built in low noise, high current RF amplifiers and distribution circuitry. The 4-way, active RF splitters will feed high quality RF to your four slot receivers. Frequency options: Single Band (470-700 Mhz), Dual Band (470-618 Mhz & 940-960 Mhz), and Wide Band (470-960 Mhz)

  • RODE NT1 Signature Series -- Workhorse studio condenser microphone with a warm, silky character, exceptionally low noise and high SPL handling. Ideal for a wide range of studio applications. Available colors: Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green.

  • RODE DS2 Desktop Studio Arm -- Compact desktop studio arm that's ideal for perfectly positioning your microphone, camera, smartphone, light and other accessories on your desktop.

  • Remote Audio BDSv5 SMART Battery Distribution System -- The next generation of the Remote Audio BDS, the standard in power management systems for ENG audio bags. The BDSv5 SMART has been expanded from 6 to 8 outputs and is available with 2 output connector variants: Standard (5.5mm barrel jack) and Hirose (4-pin).

  • Sound Devices +2 Plugin for MixPre-3 -- Expands MixPre-3 I and MixPre-3 II mixers from 3-channel/5-track recorders into 5-channel/7-track recorders by adding mixable and recordable channels 4 and 5.




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