Rycote INV-Lite Shockmount for Short Shotgun Microphones

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Product Description

Rycote INV-Lite Shockmount Overview

The Rycote INV-Lite shockmount is the new addition to the Rycote InVision range of boom shock mounts specifically designed for indoor boom pole recording with Ultra-short shotgun microphones.

The unique ‘Cam-lever’ design grips the mic at its rear near the XLR without touching the Interference tube slots. This allows complete exposure of the tube permitting standard slip-on foam windscreens without the typical “clips” being in the way.

Each Rycote INV-Lite shockmount incorporates Patented Lyre® technology with new “wide” Lyre design to allow attachment of foam slip-on solutions. The new rod weight-distribution system provides superb balance across the entire suspension for superior performance.

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Key Features:

  • Designed specifically for Ultra-short Shotgun mics for interior booming
  • Unique “Cam-lever” clamp design allows super-fast mic access and a solid grasp
  • Mic held at rear, keeping shotgun interference tube slots free of obstructions
  • Allows attachment of foam slip-on solutions
  • Rock-solid clamp grasp, no movement = no noise