Q5X CoachMic QT-AD10 for Axient Digital

2,995.00 USD

Q5X CoachMic QT-AD10 for Axient Digital — Micro-sized transmitter in an impact-resistant hard nylon case. Integrated rocker-style mute switch with LED indicator light for mute/live status.


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Q5X CoachMic QT-AD10 for Axient Digital

Micro-sized transmitter in an impact-resistant hard nylon case. Has a large, easy-to-use integrated rocker-style mute switch with an LED indicator light for mute/live status. The CoachMic QT-AD10 offers Axient Digital audio transmission with encryption and a high-density mode for spectrum efficiency. Internal lithium-polymer rechargeable battery and LEMO connector for a removable lavalier mic.

  • Belt pack style
  • 8 hr run time @ 10mW
  • RF output range 2 – 20mW

Superior Digital Performance

The Q5X CoachMic QT-AD10 digital bodypack transmitter has been developed in collaboration with Shure Corporation to work exclusively with Shure Axient Digital receivers, ensuring superior digital transmission with advanced encryption and spectrum efficiency.

Audio Mute Switch

The Q5X CoachMic’s incorporated rocker-style audio mute switch is large and easy to use. The mute switch enables the wearer to mute and unmute the audio without causing any audible popping. An LED indicator light shows red for mute and green for live. This transmitter is ideal for Referees, Umpires and a variety of officials who only need audio for brief announcements.  This is also a good solution for corporate presenters who need a top quality audio experience where they can choose to mute the audio for confidential side conversations.

Remote Control Audio System

All essential setup, management, and monitoring are coordinated through the Q5X MicCommander handheld remote control, which is necessary for operation (sold separately).

The Q5X CoachMic utilizes RCAS™ (Remote Control Audio System), a revolutionary way to remotely control transmitter settings from a central computer or hand held remote control. The remote functions allow technicians to control; on/off, monitor status and battery level and make on-the-fly adjustments of frequency, mic offset, mic mute, RF power level, and grouping, all wirelessly.

Four UHF Tuning Blocks

The QT-AD10 Digital CoachMic is offered in 4 tuning blocks that span 470 to 700 MHz and 941 to 960 MHz in 25 kHz steps.

Comfortable and Concealable

The QT-AD10 CoachMic has a tough nylon case with 2 belt clip options allowing the transmitter to be worn either vertically in a jacket pocket or horizontally on a belt.  There is a highly visible LED indicator light for mute/live for each orientation.  Weighing 2 ounces and only 3/4 of an inch thick, the QT-AD10 Digital CoachMic joins the QT family as the most comfortable and functional wearer mutable digital audio transmitters in the industry.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 65.5mm x 42mm x 18.5mm
  • Weight (including battery): 61.1g
  • Housing Material: Nylon case
  • Encryption: AES 256
  • RF output power: 2mW, 10mW, 20mW (user selectable, country restrictions apply)
  • UHF frequency range 470 to 700 MHz and 941 to 960 MHz in 4 frequency blocks
  • Tunable bandwith: Varies by frequency block (25 kHz steps)