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Bell and Light System

The Assistant Director will ask for it by name

Film and video production are big business, so there is a lot at stake when it comes to controlling the set. A bell and light system needs to be highly reliable, transportable, versatile and rugged, as well as having a professional build quality that matches its importance. That’s why Remote Audio designed and built the all new ON A BELL™ bell and light system.

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Remote Audio Headset Cable


Headphone” refers to a device worn on the head, containing small speakers for listening only.

Headset” refers to a device worn on the head, containing small speakers for listening, and a small microphone for talking.


Remote Audio’s new Headset Cable transforms any headphone to a headset by adding a miniature electric microphone for slating and talk-back right in the cable.

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LiFe Box

The LiFe Box is a fully enclosed battery system, consisting of a Lithum Iron Phosphate battery pack, comprehensive metering, and an optional built-in battery charger, all built into a rugged and compact Pelican 1150 case.

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Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

The Remote Audio Meon line of power solutions now includes our Hi-Q smart batteries. They are available in a full-size version with a capacity of 98-Watt hours, and the half-size version with a capacity of 49-Watt hours.

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The “H” is for Hirose

The BDS is now available with 4-pin HRS outlets.

With its fast push-on, pull-off design, the 4-pin Hirose connector has become the standard for compact, locking, low current power connectors. So, Remote Audio is happy to offer the connectors as an option on our famous BDS distribution box.

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