Remote Audio On a Bell – Bell and Light System

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Product Description

Rugged and Transportable

The purpose-built design and construction makes the entire system – base station, bell and light stations, and remote control – able to better withstand the rigors of film and video production. The triangular design of the stations allow more bell and light stations to fit in a given space, such as on a shelf for storage, or in a road case for shipping.


The three-sided design allows the ON A BELL system to have the same coverage with two lights as older rectangular systems using three lights. This not only saves expense by requiring fewer pars, but also reduces the power consumption by 30%, allowing more bell and light stations to be linked together.


The ON A BELL remote control has metal-clad, flush-mounted switches making unintended bell rings and broken buttons a thing of the past.


The base stations have a 300 Watt power supply that can operate 30 bell and light stations. An unlimited number of additional base stations can be linked hundreds of feet away, making the system capable of operating an infinite number of bell and light stations in a very large coverage area. Each bell can be muted for use when a bell is not needed, such as inside the production office.

Three bell sizes are available for varying degrees of loudness:

  • Loud (4-inch): Suitable for most situations. Particularly well suited for small to medium stages or for placing close to the set or at doorways.
  • Louder (6-inch): For more volume in large stage areas.
  • Really Loud! (8-inch): The voice of authority! This 8-inch bell would be the choice for large noisy areas such as carpentry shops or exterior locations.

The Base Station

  • Easy-to-grip design
  • 300 Watt power supply
  • 8 connections (4-pin XLR-F) for bell and light stations
  • Remote Control connection (3-pin XLR-F)
  • Link connection (3-pin XLR-M) to additional base stations
  • Illuminated flush-mount pushbuttons for activation bell and light stations from the base station.
  • Size: H: 3.2″ W: 7.3″ D: 5.9″ Weight: 2.5lbs

The Remote Controller

  • Ergonomic original design. Rounded side fits comfortably in hand
  • Very strong, 0.1 aluminum housing
  • Easily mounted to cart with Velcro
  • Durable steel clad illuminated pushbutton switches. Green for bell. Red for light.
  • Size: H: 2.0″ W: 1.2″ L: 3.5″ Weight: 0.5 Lbs

Bell and Light Station

  • Unique triangular design is stronger, allows large coverage with just two lights and allows more to be stored in a smaller space.
  • Input connection from base station (4-pin XLR-M)
  • Link connection to additional bell and light stations (4-pin XLR-F)
  • Mute switch for when bell is not needed (light still functions when muted)
  • Two threaded mounting holes (1/4-20 and 3/8-16).
  • 15 selectable flashing patterns (Factory configuration: 1-second, alternating)
  • Available in three bell sizes for your choice of loudness:
  • 4-inch (for small to medium size stages, doorways, or close to set) Size: H: 4.6″ W: 7.2″ D: 5.7″ Weight: 2.0Lbs
  • 6-inch (for larger areas) Size: H: 5.0″ W: 7.2″ D: 6.6″ Weight: 2.5Lbs
  • 8-inch (for very large or noisy areas) Size: H: 5.0″ W: 8.0″ D: 4.5″ Weight: 4.5Lbs

Remote Control Cable

  • Standard 3-pin XLR audio cable, up to several hundred feet
  • Connects handheld remote control to base station and for linking additional base stations

Bell and Light Station Cable

  • For connecting bell and light stations to base stations and to link (daisy chain) multiple bell and light stations together.
  • 4-conductor 18-gauge