Used Gear Info

All Used Gear consigned on is on-site at the location indicated in the item description. The photos are taken by us, and are of the actual item being listed, to show the features and actual cosmetic condition. Stock photos are never used. You can be certain that your purchase will arrive as described.


When you purchase one of our previously owned items you have an inspection period of 5 business days from the date of receipt. During that time, items may be returned in like condition for a complete refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping). When returning, shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the buyer.


The location of each item is clearly identified in the item description, and with an easy-to-see symbol, indicating Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver or Nashville. When purchasing an item, are if there are any questions, the location should be contacted directly by phone or email.

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    Los Angeles

    Prices are in US dollars.
    Please call 888-293-3030 or email us

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    Prices are in Canadian dollars.
    Please call 800-241-8994 or email us.

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    Prices are in Canadian dollars.
    Please call 604-299-9122 or email

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    Prices are in US dollars.
    Please call 404-947-2160 or email us

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    Prices are in US dollars.
    Please call 800-241-8994 or email us.

Item Condition

Trew Audio inspects all gear for apparent condition and basic function. We will not knowingly allow a fault to go unmentioned, but we do not guarantee an item’s working condition beyond the five day inspection period. We follow, very strictly, the description of our condition labels listed below:

  • Mint

    As new. No indication of use.

  • Excellent

    Minor indications of careful professional use, but otherwise very clean and no damage.

  • Very Good

    Signs of wear from repetitive use such as rubbed labeling or worn paint. Minor scratches, but minimal.

  • Good

    Small scratches and/or small dents and/or well-done exterior repairs, but no apparent damage that would interfere with operation.

  • Fair

    Cosmetically rough, possibly bent or damaged chassis, exterior repairs, markings, etc., but primary features appear to be operational.

  • Poor

    Worse than the “Fair” condition described above. Trew Audio will not list items in poor condition, and will return such items at the owner’s expense. Please do not send items in poor condition for consignment sale.