Soundbag Dashboards Modular Dashboard System Brackets

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Soundbag Dashboards Modular Dashboard System Brackets — Modular design allows the end user to create a completely customizable Soundbag Dashboard.

Rails sold separately.



Soundbag Dashboards Modular Dashboard System Brackets

Soundbag Dashboards Modular Dashboard System Brackets — Introducing the next evolution of Soundbag Dashboards. They have taken the original concept of the Soundbag Dashboard and evolved it to be completely modular and customizable to a sound mixer’s exact setup. The new modular design allows the end user to create a completely customizable Soundbag Dashboard.

How it works

Start by choosing a Soundbag Dashboard “Rail” (Sold Separately) to fit your mixer/recorder. Each Soundbag Dashboard mixer rail is designed to fit perfectly to a specific mixer, with no modifications needed.

No messy adhesive, velcro or straps! Just like the original Soundbag Dashboard, the low profile Soundbag Dashboard Rails seamlessly attach to your mixer using existing mounting points.

Next, choose from our selection of low profile “Brackets” that fit your wireless receivers. Soundbag Dashboards has designed brackets for most of today’s top wireless receivers, including Lectrosonics, Shure, Sound Devices and more. Just like the mixer rails, every Soundbag Dashboard receiver bracket is precision machined to attach to a specific wireless receiver, using pre-existing mounting points. You can choose from single receiver brackets or dual brackets. Single brackets hold one receiver while dual brackets allow you to stack two receivers at a time. Soundbag Dashboards also has a bracket for some of the most popular Battery Distribution Systems on the market.

Now, slide the receiver brackets onto the “Rail” and position them wherever works best for you. When you’re happy with the positioning, you can lock them in place by tightening the set screws located at the bottom of the Soundbag Dashboard rail, using the provided Allen key. Brackets can slide parallel with the rail or, in a Soundbag Dashboards first, the brackets can be turned 90 degrees to the rail, so you can fit more receivers onto your Soundbag Dashboard and allow even more customization of your setup.

There you go! You’ve now created your own custom Soundbag Dashboard that is personalized to your exact kit.


– All components are precision machined out of lightweight, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, for years of use in the most extreme conditions. There are no printed plastic parts that can warp, crack or break.

– All components are anodized for a high quality, great looking finish.

– Soundbag Dashboards keeps your Soundbag organized by keeping all your equipment locked in place.

– As manufacturers introduce new audio equipment, Soundbag Dashboards will create new rails and brackets to allow you to update your kit, without having to purchase a whole new Dashboard.

Current Compatible Equipment

– Mixer / Recorders: Sound Devices Mixpre 6, Mixpre 10, Scorpio, 833, 888, 664/688, 633; Zoom F8

– Wireless Receivers: Lectrosonics 411, Lectrosonics SR series, Lectrosonics DSR4, Sound Devices A-10 / A-20, Shure ADX5D, and Wisycom.

– BDS: Audio Root VM DBox, Audio Root eSmart BG-DH mkII, Remote Audio BDS RM, Battery Bud v1 and 2, and Deity SPD-1, COPA BPS.