Sound Devices A20-Nexus 4-Channel Expansion License

2,500.00 USD

A20-Nexus 4-Channel Expansion License — Expands A20-Nexus receivers to 12 or 16 receiver channels.

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A20-Nexus 4-Channel Expansion

The A20-Nexus 4-Channel Expansion License is a permanent purchase that allows A20-Nexus receivers to be increased from eight to 12 (or 16) receiver channels – without additional hardware. One purchase permanently expands from 8 to 12. A second purchase expands further to 16 to total receiver channels. It is not possible to exceed 16 channels total on a single A20-Nexus receiver.

All Sound Devices Plugins and Expansion Licenses are linked to the serial number of the machine you are upgrading and are non-transferable. Please include the serial number of your A20-Nexus device with your order.