Lectrosonics DSR4EXTUSB Bottom Plate Adapter

199.00 USD

Lectrosonics DSR4EXTUSB — Bottom plate connector adapter for DSR4 digital receivers. USB-C connection for Wireless Designer. 2 TA5M connectors and a Hirose 4-pin DC jack.


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Lectrosonics DSR4EXTUSB Bottom Plate Adapter

The Lectrosonics DSR4EXTUSB is a bottom plate connector accessory for DSR4 digital receivers that allows a USB-C connection for Wireless Designer to the receiver via the back plate. Includes external audio outputs in either analog or AES3 format (2 TA5M connectors) and Hirose 4-pin DC jack.

Please note: Firmware updates for the receiver cannot be done via the DSR4EXTUSB’s USB-C connector. Rather, it is required to use the USB micro-B connector underneath the front panel of the receiver for firmware updates.