zaxcom bluefin

Zaxcom BlueFin High Gain Directional Antenna

$175.00 USD


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Product Description

Zaxcom BlueFin Antenna

Zaxcom’s BlueFin is an aerodynamic 8dB high gain directional antenna for use between the frequencies of 500 and 750 MHz. It provides a low VSWR for use as a receiving or transmitting antenna. The BlueFin supplies 8dB of forward gain and attenuates interfering signals that are coming from directions greater than 45 degrees off the front of the antenna.

Wide Band Reception

Receives any frequency between 500MHz and 750MHz


Cut-outs for wind make the BlueFin perfect for exterior locations

Reach Farther

8db of gain, the perfect companion for your QRX

Impedance 50 ohms
Connector BNC Female
Size 1′ x 1′
Weight 0.6 Pounds
Mounting 5/8 Threaded Microphone Stand Mount
Maximum transmitter power 10 Watts
Forward Gain 8 dB
Frequency Range 500MHz to 750MHz
Usable Beam Width 90 Degrees