Schoeps CMIT5U Shotgun Microphone

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Superior RF immunity, unusually low coloration of off-axis sounds, low weight of 3 1/8 ounces and the introduction of 3 micro push buttons for filtering.

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The Schoeps CMIT5U Shotgun microphone is a recent product from one of the most respected manufacturers of professional microphones. The emphasis was on matching the already outstanding quality and reliability established by Schoeps throughout its entire line. Schoeps has always felt that if they were going to produce a shotgun microphone that it needed to offer a level of improvement over what was available. This, they have done with superior RF immunity, unusually low coloration of off-axis sounds, low weight of 3 1/8 ounces and the introduction of 3 micro push buttons for filtering. This microphone is a perfect compliment to the CMC 641 or an outstanding start to the legendary Schoeps way of audio.

  • Weight: An amazing 3 1/8 ounces!
  • 48 Volt phantom powering
  • Superior RF immunity
  • Unusually low coloration of off-axis sound, for a shotgun
  • Pickup pattern is consistent in both the horizontal and vertical planes
  • Increased directivity at medium frequencies
  • Less sensitive to wind noise than a Schoeps CMC 641
  • Schoeps sound quality makes the microphone suitable for music recording as well as dialogue
  • Beautiful, blue anodized all-metal housing

Review by Glen Trew

If you are familiar with the Schoeps sound, when you listen to the CMIT 5U there’s really no surprise. The smile on your face is exactly what you expected. But open your eyes and you’ll see it’s a pleasant blue anodized aluminum. “Aluminum? Hey, isn’t that stuff light?” Yes, it is. When you pick it up it’s like grabbing an empty milk jug you thought was full (takes you by surprise). That’ll make your boom operator smile too, but it also makes it useable with common lightweight suspensions. Everybody smiles.

My assessment of the Schoeps CMIT 5U is that it sounds like the hypercardioid MK-41, but with the increased side and rear rejection of a short shotgun (416, MKH-60, KMR-81iナ).

Aside from the sound, the next best thing about the mic is the row of three buttons that activate a low-cut filter (18 dB/oct. below 80 Hz ) similar to the Schoeps CUT-1), high-boost filter (+5 dB at 10 kHz ) presumably for use with hi-wind protection), and a low frequency roll-off (-6 dB/oct. below 300 Hz for, well, rolling off low frequencies when you have too many ) such as from proximity effect or to help control wind noise).

These buttons are a welcome improvement over the nearly invisible traditional slide switches found on other boom mics. They are easy to select even with gloved fingers, without the need for a tool, yet will not easily change accidentally. Also, the red or green LEDs let you know at a glance, even from 10 feet away, which selections have been made. 

 -Glen Trew

Pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency range: 40Hz ヨ 20kHz
Low Cut: 80Hz (18dB/oct)
Low Roll off: 300Hz (6dB/oct)
Shelving High boost: 10kHz (5dB)
Sensitivity: 17mV/PA
Equiv noise level: "A" weighted 13dB, CCIR 24dB
Maximum level: 132dB SPL @ 0.5 THD
Power Requirements: 48V phantom 4.4mA
Max output: 1.3V (1kHz, 1kOhm)
Output impedance: 51 Ohms
Length: 251mm (9.88")
Diameter: 21mm (0.827")
Weight: 89G (3-1/8 oz)