Rycote InVision Shockmount

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All InVision mounts use Rycote’s patented Lyre Suspension clip technology for uncompromising performance and indestructible durability.

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Rycote InVision Shockmount

All InVision mounts use Rycote’s patented Lyre Suspension clip technology for uncompromising performance and indestructible durability. An integral flexible cable clamp located on the mounts upright will secure any diameter cable from 3mm-8mm. The lyre part of the shockmount includes the mounting clips and is constructed of Dupont Hytrel, which is a thermoplastic with polymer elastomers. What this means is that it has the strength of plastic with the elasticity of rubber. These clips are virtually indestructible. This mount also eliminates the need to replace elastics, O-rings or the clips themselves. When the sonic characteristics are plotted and compared to traditional rubber mounts the InVision rates superior in low frequency transmission. This mount is a true breakthrough in method, materials and affordable cost.


  • Virtually indestructible
  • Offers much improved isolation from noise compared to elasticated suspensions
  • No elasticated parts — never sags or needs rethreading

What size do I need?

An InVision set contains two Lyres, an appropriate length mounting bar, and in some cases, a reducing sleeve (INV-1 7 INV-4).
The Lyre suspension webs of InVision mounts come in two sizes:

  • InVision™ Lyre width: 43 mm
  • Standard Lyre width: 70 mm

Mounting bars come in two sizes:

  • Standard length: 25 mm
  • Large length: 70 mm

The clips come in pairs of different sizes to accomodate a wide range of desk-mounted and shotgun microphones. If a fixed, discrete profile is essential, use INV-1, INV-2, and INV-3. If boompole use is required, choose the BOOMPOLE & STATIC INV-4 to INV-10.
The reducing sleeve allows for smaller microphones (e.g. Schoeps CCM series) to be held by the lyres.


Suitable for the AKG C747, Audio-Technica ATM350, Sennheiser ME36, Schoeps CCM, amongst others.


Suitable for the Rode NT6 and Sennheiser MKH8000 series (remote), amongst others.


Suitable for mics including the AKG C430, Behringer C2, DPA 4021 and Sennheiser MKH8000 series with MZX8000.


Suitable for mics including the AKG C747, Sennheiser ME36 and Audio-Technica AT853a, AT831b, and AT803b.


Sennheiser MKH8000 w/ MZL cable; Schoeps MK/KC5, CCM_L or U, CMC + KC cable; RODE NT6; Neumann AK capsule w/ remote cable


Sanken CS-1; Schoeps CMC 641(no cut); Sennheiser MKH8000 w/ XLR module; Octava MC012; Audix M1280; Neumann KM100 w/ AK capsule


Sennheiser MKH 416, 40, 60, 8040, 8050, ME66/K6; Schoeps CMIT5-U, CMC w/wo CUT; DPA 4011, 4017; Sanken CS2 & CS3(e); Neumann KM184/185, KMR81; RODE NTG Series; AT4073a, AT875R; AKG SE300B; Sony ECM670, 680s


Neumann RSM 191; Pearl MS8


Suitable for mics of up to 30mm in diameter, such as the Shure SM57 and SM58, and Neumann’s KMS105.


For heavier short & medium shotguns type mics. Stand mount.


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Name Clip Diameter InVision™ / Standard Lyre Bar Length Reducing Sleeve
INV-1 2 x 8 mm InVision™ Standard Yes
INV-2 20 mm + 8 mm InVision™ Standard No
INV-3 2 x 20 mm InVision™ Standard No
INV-4 2 x 8 mm Standard Standard No
INV-5 20 mm + 8 mm Standard Standard No
INV-6 2 x 19/25 mm Standard Standard No
INV-7 2 x 19/25 mm Standard Large No
INV-8 2 x 30 mm Standard Large No
INV-9 30 mm + 19/25 mm Standard Large No
INV-10 2 x 25 mm Standard Large No

The two graphs below show the actual measured performance of Invision lyre mounts.

Isolation Graph Damping Graph