Rycote Baseball Windjammer for Rycote Baseball

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Product Description

The Rycote Baseball Windjammer® is an incredibly useful little add-on product for the Rycote Baseball, allowing for even faster/deeper boom swings indoors. Importantly, with the Windjammer fitted, the Baseball can now also be used outdoors in light winds.

The Baseball Windjammer comes in one size, which fits all Rycote Baseball variants (19/20mm, 21/22mm and 24/25mm). Weighing just 15g*, the Baseball Windjammer adds very little extra size or weight when fitted to the Baseball.

Adding a Rycote Baseball Windjammer to the Baseball brings a very useful extra 10dB of wind noise attenuation, across the spectrum. So, the performance of the Baseball with the Windjammer fitted is -40dB wind noise attenuation, across the frequency spectrum.