Rainman Lollypop Handle from Remote Audio

185.00 USD

The Rainman Lollypopp Mic Mount Adapter is the original Microphone Adapter for minimizing your entire Rain Setup.



Minimize the Footprint at the Top of the Boom Pole

The Rainman Lollypop Mic Mount Adapter is the original Microphone Adapter for minimizing your entire Rain Setup. This is great product to try if you are using a Rycote Windshield Kit with the Pistol Grip Handles. It will replace the handle and make for a safer and sturdier setup. The lollypop replaces the handle and gives you a mounting option for your transmitter.

If you are looking for indoor versions of this product, for use with normal shock mounts, check out the Rainman CB1 and Rainman CB2, click here.

Make the Ultimate Zepellin Setup with the Lollypop

The Rainman lollypop works perfectly with your current setup to make you more secure. Start by replacing the handle on your Zepellin with the lollipop. Start by untwisting the tightening knob at the top of your boom pole. Then, you can use the lollypop parts to replace the handle. Tighten the new lollypop knob. Now the Zepellin will have a secure base that can attach to your boom pole.

Route your jumper cable properly to the flange of the lollipop. You can use the included allen wrench to tighten the flange around the connector if needed.

Now it is time to connect your wireless transmitter to the connector in the flange. You may need to swivel the XLR connector inside of the flange. Have the allen wrench handy for one final adjustment. The goal is to have your transmitter’s front panel completely accessible and not facing the boom pole where you will have to remove it to make adjustments.

What is the Difference Between the Rainman CB1 and CB2 and the Lollypop?

The difference in the Rainman CB1 and CB2 and the lollypop have to do with whether you are using a Rycote Windshield Kit or not. Do you have a zeppelin that can easily remove the handle and be replaced? Then the lollypop is the right choice for you! However, if you are indoors, or using a shock mount with a microphone and fuzzy windscreen, the CB1 and CB2 are a much better choice for those applications. If you have any questions regarding which Mic Mount Adapter to choose, contact your local Trew Audio with your current setup for advice on which Rainman Mic Mount Adapter will work for you!

What is Included with the Rainman Lollypop?

The Rainman Lollypop Kit consists of the lollypop microphone bar, 2 rubber washers, 1 aluminum disc, 1 nylon washer, and one 1 stainless steel 2-part knob.