Rainman CB2 Mic Mount Adapter w/ Bar (2 inch)

102.00 USD

The Rainman CB2 Mic Mount Adapter is the premier solution for connecting your shock mount and transmitter to the end of your Boom Pole.



The Original Mic Mount Adapter

The Rainman CB2 Mic Mount Adapter is the original Microphone Adapter for Boom Operators. The CB2 is 2″ in length and consists of 2 pieces. First is the 2-inch microphone bar, which also comes with a rubber washer for isolation. Next, is the flange used to connect your wireless transmitter at the top of the boom pole.

If you are looking for the less extended 1-inch version, the Rainman CB1, click here.

Mount Anything to Your Boom Pole with the CB1

The Rainman CB2 works with virtually any shock mount that you have in your arsenal. Start by connecting the CB2 to the threads at the top of your boom pole, followed by your shock mount. Once fastened, attach your microphone to the shock mount and connect a jumper cable to the microphone as well as the flange. You can use the included allen wrench to tighten the flange around the connector.

Once the jumper cable is connected to the flange tightly, connect your wireless transmitter to the connector. You may need to swivel the XLR connector inside of the flange, so have the allen wrench handy for one final adjustment. The goal is to have your transmitter’s front panel completely accessible and not facing the boom pole where you will have to remove it to make adjustments.

What is the Difference Between the Rainman CB1 and the CB2?

The difference between the Rainman CB1 and CB2 is only the length of the “Charlie Bar”. Some setups will need a greater clearance to ensure the shock mount, jumper cable, and wireless transmitter have ample clearance. If you have any questions regarding which Mic Mount Adapter to choose, contact your local Trew Audio with your current setup for advice on which Rainman Charlie Bar will work for you!