Comtek BST-75/216 Synthesized Base Station Transmitter

Comtek BST 75-216 Synthesized Base Station Transmitter


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Product Description

Comtek BST 75-216

The Comtek BST 75-216 mini base station transmitter meets the highest professional standards while offering outstanding value and the most advanced technology available. It is ideal for personal listening applications such as cueing and IFB, wireless remote program monitoring for film production, wireless automatic tour information systems, language interpretation, and assistive listening for people with hearing loss and vision impairment.

This versatile and innovative transmitter is simple to use, yet it has sophisticated features such as “Flash Memory” 57-channel programmability with synthesized, manual, 10-channel selectable user-switch. Plus, a unique multi-function RF indicator detects bad antenna load, RF presence, and coaxial cable open condition for quick and easy trouble-shooting.

To accommodate a greater variety of receivers, the BST 75-216 can operate with non-companded receivers or with companded receivers for higher fidelity sound reproduction with a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 100 dB. The audio processing circuit produces full fidelity frequency response from 100 Hz to 10 kHz with very low residual FM noise and distortion.

All this is designed into a practical, compact, all-metal enclosure suitable for permanent rack-mount installations or for stand-alone portable use.

  • Full Fidelity Frequency Response
  • Up to Four Transmitters in a Single Rack Space
  • Compact Design Perfect for Sound Carts
  • Easy Setup and Installation


Audio Inputs     XLR-3F balanced line input (+20 dBm max)

1/4 “ mono plug input (+5 dBm max) or two wire electret microphone input with internal bias voltage.

Connectors  XLR-3F Combo with 1/4” phone jack

Barrel type 5.5mm x 2.1mm power jack DC

BNC type RF output

Antenna Short Loaded BNC whip antenna

BNC RF output connector for optional external antenna

Power Requirements 12 Volts DC, 200 mA max
Frequency Response 100 Hz TO 10 kHz
Audio Distortion  Less than 1% at 80% modulation
Audio Gain Control Limited to 20 dB
RF Output Power 100 mW (Max for FCC Part 95)
Audio Precessing Companded and non-companded to accommodate a variety of receivers
Frequency Modulation 10 kHz deviation companded

5 kHz deviation non-companded (for all-in-ear receivers)


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