Aquapac 158 Small Wireless Pouch

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The Aquapac 158 Small water resistant pouch features the ‘TC’ Aquaclip–a wire-thru seal which is watertight allowing wires up to 2.5mm (1/10th inch) thick to be used with your equipment.

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The Aquapac 158 Small water resistant pouch features the ‘TC’ Aquaclip–a wire-thru seal which is watertight allowing wires up to 2.5mm (1/10th inch) thick to be used with your equipment. A small wireless transmitter will fit into the pouch and the mic cable can extend out of it without risk of moisture leaking into the pouch.

Controls on equipment within the Aquapac pouch can be used normally through the case. The airtight seal means your equipment can float safely if you drop it in water. CAUTION! We recommend the case for surface use mainly. Not for continued submersion.

Supplied with:

  • An adjustable belt.
  • A packet of 5 desiccant sachets to help absorb any condensation in the air inside the case.
  • Aquapac’s 3-year global warranty.

The patented ‘TC’ Aquaclipᆴ seals the case by simply turning and twisting a couple of levers. It’s been tested to the toughest international waterproofing standards (see Specifications for more testing info). The Aquaclip is made entirely of light injection-molded plastic, so it canメt rust. When you open an Aquapac everything stays in one piece. No loose screws. No need to fold the end of the case. Simple.

‘100% PVC-Free.’ Aquapac’s new material (TPU) offers a number of advantages:

  • It’s softer and more malleable making it even easier to operate your equipment through the material.
  • It’ll still be soft and malleable at -40ᄎ and below.
  • It has a greater tensile strength, meaning it’s even more difficult to tear or rip apart.

Maximum size of equipment to fit in case:

  • Length: 6in/150mm
  • Circumference: 6.25in/160mm

For use with Lectrosonics SM, SMA, SMV, Audio LTD Envoy.

“I am a sound man for motion pictures and in fact I had used your products in the past on a film for which I was fortunate enough to receive an Academy Award (Oscar) as well as a BAFTA nomination. The film was TITANIC and the Aquapacs were modified to waterproof wireless microphone transmitters. They were one of my secret weapons for getting the sound on that film. Great product.”

Mark Ulano, USA

Maximum size of equipment to fit in Aquapac 154 case:

Length: 6in/150mm Circumference: 6.25in/160mm
Weight: 0.40 lbs

For use with Lectrosonics SM, SMA, SMV, Audio LTD Envoy.

Testing and Rating information from Aquapac
(What do you mean by "100% Waterproof"?)

Purpose-built Pressure Chamber

Independent Testing

In August 2008 IC Consultants Ltd (part of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Imperial College, London) were commissioned to make an independent assessment of the waterproofness of the Aquapac range.

The tests were carried out using a purpose-built pressure chamber (pictured here).

All the cases met Aquapac's waterproof claims (see below).

Every case sealed with our patented Aquaclip® seal tested 100% waterproof to at least 0.5 bar, which is equivalent to a depth of 16.7 feet (5.1m) of water. Some tested waterproof to 2.0 bar, which is equivalent to 66.9 feet (20.4m) of water.

In-House Testing

During manufacture we batch-test the cases in our own pressure chamber for 5 minutes at 1.0 bar, which is equivalent to 33ft (10.1m) of water.

We also do a simple, manual squeeze-in-a-basin test!

Waterproof Rating System

We've introduced a system to clearly identify the waterproofness of each Aquapac product.


Withstands rain and light splashing.
Suitable for hiking and camping activities.
Not designed for prolonged exposure to heavy rain or for submersion.


Withstands quick submersions and will float if dropped in the water.
Suitable for sailing and activities on or around water.
Not designed for prolonged submersion.


Withstands submersions of 15ft (5m) for at least 30 minutes.
Suitable for swimming and snorkelling.
Not designed for submersion beyond 15ft (5m).

(Includes models 154 & 554)


The Aquaclip seal
Made of injection-molded plastics. Submitted for independent tests by the School of Engineering at Bath University where they certified it was still waterproof after being opened and closed 10,000 times.

The soft case
The flexible cases are made from a variety of special polymers, and bonded with a technique called high-frequency welding. HF radio waves cause the different layers of material to form a chemical bond, so the joins are as strong as any other part of the material. All our materials are UV-stabilized, so they will not break down or become discolored through exposure to sunlight.

3-Year Extended Warranty

The full text of Aquapacメs 3-year warranty applies to either the 154 or 554 model and is shown at the end of the User Guide included with every case.

Closing the Case

Make sure that the little black Flexible Clips are properly attached at all times. These make sure that the case lines up with the clamp properly. Should they come apart put them back together carefully. If in doubt you should return the Aquapac to us to reassemble. Make sure there's nothing caught in the clamp which might stop it from sealing properly (including sand). Always turn all levers as far as they will go. If you submerge your Aquapac make sure that all the levers remain closed at all times.

Opening the Case

Never open the case in or under water. In order to stop any water getting into the case when you're opening the case, first shake any water from the Aquaclip and then hold the case with the clamp at the bottom as you open the levers.

The Bubble Test

Before you use it for the first time please check that the case got to you in perfect condition. Seal something worthless inside, then submerge in a basin. A few air bubbles may escape from the clamp. This is ok, since water can get into the clamp without getting into the case. Only if a stream of bubbles escapes when you squeeze it, is there a problem.

Ongoing Care

Our 3-year warranty covers faults in materials or manufacture. If the case failed because of faulty workmanship we would compensate you for the contents as well as for the Aquapac. But we can't guarantee it against accidental damage or general wear and tear (it's strong but can still be punctured) so make sure you insure the contents separately. Avoid sharp or abrasive objects. Stow carefully so it won't be damaged in rough seas. Examine it before each use to make sure it's not visibly damaged (to be safe you should always do the Bubble Test). After regular contact with chlorinated or salt water, or with sun creams, wash it in soapy water and then rinse with fresh water. Do not use bleach, alcohol or proprietary cleaners.

In Hot Weather

Don't leave your Aquapac out in the sun for any period of time. Although the case material has been UV-stabilized - meaning the plastic won't be discolored or broken down by sunlight - the Aquapac won't protect anything inside it from heat or sunlight.

In Humid Weather

Some Aquapacs come supplied with desiccant. This helps to absorb condensation. In humid climates there will be moisture in the air sealed inside the case. With cameras, this moisture tends to condense inside the lens. Desiccant sachets will absorb the moisture, keeping the contents completely dry. We recommend use of desiccant sachets in all Aquapacs in humid climates. Many of our cases come ready supplied with one or more desiccant sachets.

Not for Hot Baths!

Around +100ᄎF (+40ᄎC) the Aquaclip material will start to soften. The case could leak if submerged in an extremely hot bath. It will be ok if floating on the surface. And you can use it safely in steam rooms and hot tubs if not submerged.

In the Cold

The soft case material is functional and flexible down to -40ᄎF (-40ᄎC). Aquapacs are 100% PVC-Free.


The Aquaclip creates a hermetic seal - once closed, the case is airtight. Most electronic equipment is full of air. So the air inside the electronic device (vs. air inside the pouch) makes the Aquapac and its contents float.

Download an Aquapac User Guide (467K PDF)