Rental Terms & Conditons

Trew Audio Rental Policy

It is your responsibility to inform Trew Audio, Inc. of any omissions in your order, radio performance problems, or damages so that we can remedy the situation. If we are not informed of these problems until the return of the equipment, the renter will be held responsible for lost items, full rental charges for malfunctioning equipment, and damages. Once we are alerted to a malfunction, we will cease charges from the day we were informed until the day of return. However, if the problem is determined to be due to damages incurred while on rental, the renter will still be responsible to pay additional charges for the repair and/or replacement of said equipment.

Rental Period

Local rental orders are ready for pick-up by 2 P.M. on the business day before rental charges begin. Rental orders requiring shipping are shipped out on the business day before the rental charges begin and hold a 2 day minimum charge. The rental period continues until the equipment is returned to Trew Audio. Items returned by 10 A.M. are not charged for that day. Items returned after 10 A.M. will be charged an additional full day’s rental. Additional late days will be charged accordingly. There is a full-day minimum for all rentals.

Trew Audio’s rate structure is as follows:

  • Rentals up to 3 weeks or less – 3 billed days per 7 day week
  • Long term rentals of 4 weeks or more – 2 billed days per 7 day week
  • Weekends defined as Friday afternoon pick-up and Monday morning return count as 1 day


All rental accounts will require a credit card authorization form to be completed and on file. NET terms are available and a credit application form must be provided and time must be allotted prior to the rental period in order for the application to be processed. The process can take up to 5 business days to complete.

Rush Fee

All orders placed after 3:00 P.M. to be shipped or picked up that day are subject to a $15 rush fee. All orders shipping after 3:00 P.M. are subject to regional shipping cut-off times as well.


Orders may be cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled pickup. Orders cancelled within the 24 hour period are subject to a cancellation fee of up to 20% of the agreed upon rental rate. Any equipment that has been shipped or picked up will be charged the daily rental rate, plus all shipping and insurance charges, until all equipment has been returned. Local orders that are not formally cancelled nor picked up will be charged one full rental day.


An Insurance Certificate or COI covering replacement costs, due to potential loss or damage, must be secured before any equipment can leave the premises of Trew Audio. A “certificate of insurance” naming Trew Audio, Inc. an Additional Cert Holder / Loss Payee covering both liability and rented equipment is preferred and should be available from your insurance company or production. The production company is responsible for the cost to replace the same item or the closest comparably equipped model, at current retail prices less any discounts available, without deduction for depreciation. In addition, the production company shall, at their expense, maintain in full force and effect, insurance covering all equipment rented, from all sources, full replacement cost (without deductions for depreciation), and loss of use (rents) of the equipment.

However, in some cases a certificate of insurance may not available through your insurance provider or production. In these situations we can provide insurance for an additional charge of 10% of the total rental charge for smaller orders, and 20% of the total rental charge for larger orders and communication rentals.  These insurance fees carry a $1000 deductible and a $2000 deductible. The renter is solely responsible for the deductible in the event of a claim. In addition, any deductible not covered in either insurance policy must be secured either by credit card or a cash deposit. For recurring customers, a credit card, left “on file” with our rental department for the deductible coverage, is preferred. If the total value of all equipment rented is less than the deductible amount, only a security deposit for the replacement value of the equipment is required, either by major credit card or cash deposit, prior to rental.

Shipping Costs

The renter is liable for all shipping and shipping insurance costs. Further, the renter is liable for the equipment while in transit. It is preferable that the customer provides a shipping account number through a major carrier for shipping and shipping insurance costs. If this is not available, Trew Audio, Inc. will bill shipping costs and shipping insurance charges to the customer. While a reasonable attempt may be made to estimate these shipping charges ahead of time, actual charges may vary and will remain the responsibility of the renter. Rentals order shipped hold a 2 day minimum charge and are subject to regional shipping cut off times.


In the event of theft, rental charges will continue until a full police report is supplied to Trew Audio, Inc. As a courtesy, there will be a “grace period” of ten days, starting from the date that the police report is provided to Trew Audio, to either recover and return the equipment or provide payment for it’s replacement. After this ten-day grace period, rental charges will be resumed until either the equipment is returned or payment is provided for its replacement. Please refer to the insurance section for your responsibilities in this area.

International Use

You MUST call the rental manager at Trew Audio, Inc. to get permission for the equipment to leave the continental U.S. at which point we can provide you with serial numbers, country of origin, and value of all equipment for registration with customs. Delays without prior approval from the rental manager are subject to additional rental charges and/or late fees. If you are unable to retrieve equipment from customs, you will be billed the daily rental rate until the equipment is returned, or until the full replacement cost of the equipment has been collected. Insurance for international use of rental equipment is not available through Trew Audio, Inc.


There will be a $25 per hour cleaning fee for excessive dirt, sand, labels left on equipment (i.e. walkie-talkies), etc. Trew Audio will bill damaged equipment, including labor, parts, shipping costs, etc., to the customer. Water damaged equipment will be billed to the customer at full replacement cost. See the insurance section for details. Do not attempt repair of the equipment yourself. All rental repairs must be done at Trew Audio, Inc. The rental department will make every effort to replace the rented equipment with the same item, in an expedient manner, for the remainder of your shoot.


As a courtesy, Trew Audio attempts to provide reasonable technical support after business hours reachable via our after hours phone menu. This is a free service that we are happy to provide. If you should need a replacement item for a piece of damaged rental equipment, you may also use this number. However, if you should need to rent an item after normal business hours (9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.), there will be an additional after-hours or opening fee of $150 ($300 on a Holiday) cash plus the standard $15 rush fee added to your rental bill.

*Trew Audio reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, including rates and fees, at any time without notice.