Zaxcom MicPlexer 2
Zaxcom MicPlexer 2

Zaxcom MicPlexer 2 Antenna Distribution Amplifier

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Product Description

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Zaxcom MicPlexer 2

The Zaxcom Micplexer 2 is an antenna distribution amplifier for diversity wireless microphone systems. The MicPlexer 2 connects to 2 antennas and distributes the signals to up to 3 wireless microphone receivers. Each of the 2 RF channels has 6 dB of RF gain. The channel gain can increase the usable distance of the wireless microphone receiver depending on the ambient RF noise floor at the location the MicPlexer 2 is used.

The MicPlexer 2 is the same size as a standalone Zaxcom receiver. It can be used stand alone or within a ZaxPaq and with any combination of Zaxcom wireless receivers (QRX100, QRX235, QRX200, RX900).

Zaxcom MicPlexer 2 Key Features:

  • Notification: Smart LED’s tell you when there’s too much RF signal overloading your wireless and interfering with performance.
  • Amplification: Provides an additional 6 dB of gain on every antenna output.
  • Filtration: Improve your wireless performance by removing unwanted RF from your work space, choose from seven pre-set frequency blocks (20 – 26) or create your own 35 MHz window in one of the two user-assignable positions.
Frequency Tuning Range 512-702 MHz (35 MHz band, user selectable)
Tuned Pass Band 35 MHz
Attenuation: +/- 25 MHz12.5 dB
Attenuation: +/- 50 MHz 35 dB
Attenuation: +/- 75 MHz51 dB
RF Gain 6 dB
RF Channels 2
Channel Cross-talk Less than 40 dB
Amplifier Noise Figure .35 dB
DOIP3 Distortion: +37 dB
Power Requirements 8 - 18 VDC @ 100 ma
Size 1.25" x 3.25" d 4.75"
Weight 8 Ounces