VDB POCKET-QT Microphone Boom Pole

260.00 USD

The VDB-S Classical Microphone Boom Pole 50 cm (19.69in) collapsed/ 2.1 m (82.67in) extended

Cable Kit * 


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Microphone Quarter-turn 6 section boompole(closed: 30cm/12″; opened: 1.07m/3’6″; 260g/9oz)

Key Features:

  • Rigid, light and strong. VDB Boom Poles benefit from the recent advances in carbon fiber winding and 30 years of crafting one of the most internationally recognized boom poles.
  • Greater length from a reduced size. The six section design offers an increased length, from a reduced collapsed size.
  • Reduced hand noise. A polished surface on the outer tube reduces handling noise dramatically.
  • Silent. Between each section of the pole is a precision machined internal incompressible joint, offering the
    minimum space to achieve a soft slide. It also contributes to the rigidity of the system and prevents the tubes from rattling when rotating or swinging quickly.
  • Instant optional cabling. straight or coiled internal microphone cable can be set or removed instantly in all the models without technical intervention.
  • A quick release top screw