Sound Guys Solutions Lav-Bullet

Sound Guys Solutions Lav-Bullet Lavalier Weight

$40.00 USD


Product Description

Sound Guys Solutions Lav-Bullet

Sound Guys Solutions’ Lav-Bullet is designed to simplify and speed up the process of mic’ing talent. The shape and weight of the smooth, stainless-steel Lav-Bullet prevents hang-ups and snags along the path to connection.

The Lav-Bullet comes with a TA style connector. Once connected, simply drop the Lav-Bullet into whatever garment you are accessing. The Lav-Bullet will make a smooth drop and exit where it can be routed to the body pack transmitter.

This item has a TA styled connector. If you’d like a different style adapter, you must purchase the Lav-Bullet Blank and an adapter. 


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