Schoeps CMC 1 KV Colette Amplifier

From: 936.00 USD

Schoeps CMC 1 KV Colette Amplifier — A fabulous addition to the range of CMC 1 amplifiers, the CMC 1 KV is the ultimate plant-mic in film sound or for all recordings where the microphone needs to be discreetly hidden. With the supplied magnet accessories it can be easily mounted on many surfaces, e.g. door frames, steel beams, windows, table tops etc.



Schoeps CMC 1 KV is Perfection, just Angled…

The Schoeps CMC 1 KV is a new small Colette microphone amplifier, about one-third the length and 53% lighter than the CMC 6. It is compatible with all components of the Colette system and can be used in place of the CMC 6 without compromise, for all applications in which the size and weight of the microphone play a role.

Uncompromising Miniaturization

“Uncompromising miniaturization” means that the electrical characteristics of the collette amplifier are equal to, or even better than, those of the CMC 6. Through modern electronic design, these outstanding electrical properties have…

  • Version of the CMC 1 with fixed, “Right-Angle” laterally attached cable
  • Magnetic back for easy mounting with the included magnetic accessories
  • Compatible with all existing MK capsules and active Colette accessories, e.g. CUT 60 or RC
  • Shortest version of the CMC 1
  • Available with different output connectors: Lemo 3-pin for use on Zaxcom ZMT4 or Sound Devices A10 pocket transmitters (P12/48) and standard XLR-3M
  • Custom cables lengths possible on request but with extra surcharges and longer ETA times.