Rycote Pair of Single Lyre 82 (19/25)

$29.00 USD


Product Description

The Lyre has now been enhanced further with a soft-grip internal surface on the mic clip. The soft-grip helps prevent the mic twisting or slipping, and stops the clip scratching the surface of the microphones which are powder-coated. The standard individual Lyres are now available in three different hardness’ which allow users to choose a soft more compliant suspension for light, short microphones or stiffer hardness for longer microphones.

The different hardness’ can be easily identified by their new colour combinations. The lower the number, the softer the Shore hardness. So 62 shore is softer that 72 shore, and 82 shore is the stiffest we make. Shore Hardness Colour Combination 62 shore Black rigid part & Black Soft-grip 72 shore Black rigid part & Grey Soft-grip 82 shore Light Grey rigid part & Black Soft-grip.

Universal Lyre, 82 shore – with Grey rigid part & Black Soft-grip, suitable for microphones of 19/25 mm diameter used on Large Suspensions, Windshield Kits 6 to 8. For use with longer microphones like the Sennheiser MKH816, Neumann KMR82 where you want to keep the foam fitted. Generally, better support is provided with the Large suspension upgrade with the double Softie Lyre cradle.

  • Second-to-none isolation against handling noise and vibrations
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • No elasticated parts — never sags or needs rethreading