RF Venue 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack

2,799.00 USD

Upgrade Pack contains CP Beam Antenna, COMBINE8 In-Ear Monitor Combiner, and premium 25′ coaxial cable

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  • For Any Brand IEM System
  • Complete Package For Up To 8 IEMs
  • Eliminates IEM Signal Dropouts
  • Professional Performance at an Attractive Price
  • The effortless way to improve your wireless in-ear monitor system is to run it like a pro by using a transmitter combiner driving a helical antenna. Just check any professional stage.

    Introducing the RF Venue 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack, a complete system, engineered to work together to combine up to 8 IEM transmitters into a single helical antenna. The CP Beam helical antenna also steps up your transmitting power nearly eight-fold by focusing it directly on your performers and not scattering the signal. This allows you to use the lowest possible setting of your transmitter’s output power, which greatly reduces intermodulation interference to both your wireless mics and your IEMs.

    Using fewer antennas always works better than using multiple antennas, which tend to interfere with each other. A helical antenna, unlike whips or paddles, removes the number one cause of dropouts —polarization fades— by transmitting its signal in a continuous 360 degrees. Additionally, combining all your transmitters into a single antenna eliminates the “antenna farm” caused when multiple whip antennas are positioned near each other, eliminating intermodulation problems for your both your mics and ears.