Remote Audio USB Power Converter Cables




With a 3 amp capacity, the Remote Audio USB Converter Power Cable easily powers and charges not only smart phones, but all USB powered devices. It is also Apple compliant with circuitry that allows iPads and other higher current “i-devices” to receive 2.2A charging and operating current. Serviceable and in a nearly indestructible housing machined from ABS, this original design is made for the rigors of professional film/video production.


Source power ON indicator.

Connector options: TA4M, HRS, XLR4M, or 2.5mm coaxial (for BDS outlet).

Input range: 6-18VDC.

Compliant for up to 2.2A charging/operating of Apple “idevices”

Idle current draw: <10mA

Output: 5VDC regulated.

Capacity: 3A.

Cable length: 24-inches (call for custom length).


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