Remote Audio Adapt-a-Pak Lite Kit

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Product Description

The Remote Audio Adapt-a-Pak is a collection of the most commonly needed problem-solver adapters for location sound mixering, all in a low-profile, durable carry pack. The Adapt-a-Pak kits provide the adapters you need, organized and at your fingertips for quick reaction to any situation.

Utilizing an an easy-to-use, customizable divider system, Adapt-a-Paks are perfect for efficient packing in space-starved cases. Plus, the Adapt-a-Paks are very cost effective, as each of the connectors purchased separately would be quite a bit more expensive. Be prepared for any situation, and save cash, too. The sound department can often find itself making adapters on the fly from spare parts and cable. But the Adapt-a-Pak saves you the time, effort, and space required for these do-it-yourself jobs.

The Adapt-a-Pak includes adapters for most balanced and unbalanced connections, including XLR, BNC, RCA, quarter-inch, and three-and-a-half millimeter, of both genders. Balanced connectors in the Adapt-a-Pak are wired unbalanced when adapting to a two-wire connector, which means that XLR pins one and three are connected to the ground, and pin two is connected to the audio positive.

The smaller Lite version of the Adapt-a-Pak comes with 19 different types of commonly needed adapters, with 27 pieces total. The Lite Pak is a great way to supplement existing kits with an affordable, more compact kit. All items in the Adapt-a-Pak Lite version are also in the Pro version.

The Lite version includes the following adapters:

  • (2) Phono (RCA) jack to 1/4 inch TS plug. (APP02)
  • (2) 3.5mm TS jack to Phono (RCA) plug. (APP04)
  • (2) 1/4 inch TS jack to Phono (RCA) plug. (APP07)
  • (2) Phono (RCA) jack to Phono. (RCA) jack (APP11)
  • (1) 1/4 inch TS plug to XLR3M. (APP12)
  • (2) XLR3M to XLR3M. (APP13)
  • (1) 1/4 inch TS jack to XLR3M. (APP14)
  • (1) XLR3F to 1/4 inch TS plug. (APP15)
  • (1) XLR3F to 1/4 inch TS jack. (APP16)
  • (1) Unbalanced stereo breakout cable. Gold plated. 3.5mm TRS plug to (2) Phono (RCA) plugs. 5 feet. (APP17)
  • (1) XLR3F to 1/4 inch TRS plug. (APP28)
  • (1) 1/4 inch TRS plug to XLR3M. (APP29)
  • (1) XLR3F to Phono (RCA) jack. (APP30)
  • (1) XLR3F to Phono (RCA) plug. (APP31)
  • (1) Phono (RCA) jack to XLR3M. (APP32)
  • (1) Phono (RCA) plug to XLR3M. (APP33)
  • (2) XLR3F to XLR3F. (APP34)
  • (2) 3.5mm TRS jack to 1/4 inch TRS plug. (APP35)
  • (2) 1/4 inch TRS jack to 1/4 inch TRS jack. (APP36)