PSC RF 12 Pack

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  • Supports up to 6 Slot Receivers
  • Provides RF Distribution
  • Provides Remote Antenna Power
  • Smart Battery Slot for Rechargeable Operation
  • Built in Power Management/Charging Circuitry
  • Built in Regulated DC Power Distribution
  • RF “Flow Through” Outputs
  • Multi-Colored LED Smart Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Multiple Threaded Mounting Points

The PSC RF 12 Pack will house and support up to six (6) Slot Receivers. It provides built in low noise RF distribution and is offered with several different custom operating bandpass filters. Remote antenna powering is built in and is easy to operate via a simple toggle switch. In addition, the PSC RF 12 Pack will house and operate from a rechargeable Smart Battery. Special power management electronics allow the Smart battery to operate the unit, be re-charged within the unit and provide regulated DC power distribution to power your other gear. A multi-colored LED “Fuel Gauge” is provided to monitor the Smart Battery charge level. In addition, a RF “Flow Through” is provided for adding additional RF gear.