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LMC Vampire Clip for Sanken Lav Mic



Product Description

This much needed Vampire Clip has been designed by a location sound mixer for use with the Sanken COS11 Lavalier microphone. This is the first Vampire Clip to be offered for the Sanken lav. The microphone is inserted from the underside of the tube. The tubular design allows the COS 11 to slide right into the tube and stop at the rubber bushing where the mic cable meets the mic tube. The mic is held in place by that tension between the rubber bushing and the Vclip tube. Also the mic head sits just below the top edge of the Vclip tube so there’s no chance it will come in contact with fabric. If there is too much tension on the mic cable it will release from the Vclip and save a costly repair. Sound mixers know the versatility of a vampire clip. This means no more taping hidden mics which can be time consuming and not as effective in moisture situations.

Available in black and white.


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