Lectrosonics SR-AES3 Audio Output Adapter

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Product Description

Lectrosonics SR-AES3

The output of any SR Series receiver can be delivered in analog or digital audio formats using this adapter. The unit will work with all receiver versions to provide audio in the following formats:

  • AES3 digital audio at 48 kHz sampling with an internal clock
  • AES3 digital audio with an external word clock at 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz sampling
  • Balanced analog audio from – 50 dBu to +5 dBu in 1 dB steps

One or two channels of digital audio are delivered from the CH1 jack. The CH2 jack delivers analog audio at all times. The selected diversity mode on the receiver will determine if the CH1 and CH2 outputs deliver the same
audio signal or two separate audio signals.

The standard multi-pin interface is the same on all SR Series receiver output adapters. The housing is machined from a solid aluminum billet for ruggedness.

A 75 ohm termination of the word clock connection is applied by a jumper, installed by default at the factory.The jumper can be removed if not required by your word clock distribution system.

Digital Output  
Type: AES3/EBU
Output Level: -11 dBFS
Sample Rate
  • Internal clock: 48 kHz
  • External clock: 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz
THD: 0.15%
Output Connectors: TA3 male (mini XLR)
Word Clock Input  
Parameter: Standard TTL level
Termination: 75 ohm
Analog Output  
Type: Balanced
Output Level: -50 to +5 dBu in 1 dB steps
THD: 0.15%
Power Requirements: 7 min. to 18 max. VDC
(with SRc receiver)
  • 345 mA at 7 VDC
  • 200 mA at 12 VDC
  • 135 mA at 18VDC