Lectrosonics M2Ra IEM/IFB Stereo Receiver

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The Lectrosonics M2Ra IEM/IFB Stereo Receiver employs advanced antenna diversity to eliminate in-range dropouts.

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Lectrosonics M2Ra IEM/IFB Stereo Receiver

An updated version of Lectro’s M2R receiver, the 24-bit digital Lectrosonics M2Ra IEM/IFB Stereo Receiver includes the following significant updates over its M2R predecessor:

  • The headphone jack now comes with phantom power protection, which is great for using this model as a camera hop receiver
  • Improved IFB analog compatibility mode
  • Boosted internal power supply, allowing use with headphones that have impedances as low as 9 ohms
  • An improved menu structure (similar to what’s found on the DCR822 & DSQD)
  • Decreased RF noise floor and less RF gain in the front end (reduces overload from strong interference sources and out-of-band signals)
  • Increased IP3 and 1dB RF compression points with improved handling of high signal levels
  • Black anodized finish and more discreet visual profile
  • Coming soon via firmware update: D2 and HDM compatibility modes added, so that the M2Ra can be used as a very small portable receiver or portable monitor device, with mono digital transmitters

Other Features

  • 24-bit digital
  • IR (infrared) port for quick setup
  • High-resolution color LCD screen
  • Stereo or mono operation
  • Ultra-low latency of 1.4 ms

Overview of the Lectrosonics M2Ra IEM/IFB Stereo Receiver

The Lectrosonics M2Ra Digital Receiver employs advanced antenna diversity to eliminate in-range dropouts. The receiver covers the UHF frequencies of 470-608 MHz in a single block. The 24-bit digital audio provides high-resolution sound for wide dynamic range and low-noise stereo image.

A high-quality stereo amplifier feeds the headphone jack for driving headphones or earphones to sufficient levels for stage performance and other noisy environments. Furthermore, the receiver can select from stereo, mono from left channel only, or mono from right channel only. Also, an intuitive mixing interface and high-resolution color LCD provide performing artists and monitor engineers with an ideal user experience.

The M2Ra uses 2-way IR sync, so data from the receiver can be sent to a transmitter and thus onto the Ethernet network for use by Wireless Designer™ software for frequency planning and coordination purposes.

Additionally, the M2Ra includes a FlexList™ mode, allowing you to store a number of names and associated frequencies. As a result, this feature benefits monitor engineers by enabling quick finding and listening to any of the performers’ mixes on the stage. The high-density, backlit, color LCD displays a wide range of menu options, including precise limiter settings.

Lectrosonics M2Ra IEM/IFB Stereo Receiver Build Quality

True to Lectro’s reputation for superior build quality, the M2Ra’s housings and panels comprise machined aluminum with Ebni finishes. As well, durable laser-etched markings won’t rub off with use. The M2Ra is also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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