Klover Sound Shark Parabolic Microphone

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Klover Sound Shark — The Sound Shark turns your omnidirectional lapel (lavalier) mic into a long range microphone capable of gathering audio from 30 feet or more. Black or silver color.

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Klover Sound Shark Parabolic Microphone

Klover Sound Shark — Turns your omnidirectional lapel (lavalier) mic into a long range microphone capable of gathering audio from 30 feet or more. Black or silver color.

Available Models

Sound Shark Standard
Includes a standard mounting bracket.

Sound Shark Accessory
Comes with Klover’s Accessory Mounting Bracket already installed. This mounting bracket allows flash shoe accessories, such as compact LED lights, to be mounted to the base of the Sound Shark.

Compact Audio Power With Sound Shark

The Sound Shark is long-range professional audio equipment that offers the extraordinary capability of long-distance audio capture, making it an efficient and versatile alternative to a typical shotgun microphone.

Capture More Clarity From A Greater Distance

Experience audio like never before with Sound Shark’s remarkable ability to capture clear, long-distance sounds of 30 to 50 feet. Our products blend professional-grade technology with user-friendly design, featuring a more focused pick-up pattern far surpassing standard shotgun mics.

Sound Shark Vs. Shotgun

Unlike traditional shotgun microphones that lack directionality and amplification, Sound Shark boasts 6X mechanical amplification and an omnidirectional polar pattern for more precise audio capture.

Sound Shark Vs. Wireless

Wireless lapel mics have a limited range and operate on specific frequency bands. But with Sound Shark, you can expect reliable, consistent audio levels with no unwanted noises and interference.

The Sound Shark Advantage

  • Long-range professional audio equipment equivalent to or better than high-end shotgun microphones
  • Extremely focused and better at rejecting off-axis sounds than shotgun microphones
  • Highly compatible with nearly all cameras and recorders – even your smartphone
  • Wind-resistant design and a patented dish made from bullet-proof glass material

Must-have Microphone For Any Application

Bird Enthusiasts
Record bird sounds from afar and match the audio with close-up shots.

Wedding Videography
Capture special moments with high-quality recordings and minimal background noise.

Record classroom interactions and stream classes with crystal-clear audio.

Independent Filmmakers
Achieve professional-level audio quality even with a tight budget.

Amateur Videography
Sound Shark is portable and easy to use, making it a good option for videographers who want to enhance their videos with high-quality audio.

Hybrid Photographers
Record multiple subjects even from a distance with Sound Shark’s long-range recording capabilities.

Production Companies
Enjoy professional-grade results with a long-distance microphone that captures audio from multiple speakers.

Event Videographers
Sound Shark provides directional precision and enhanced audio quality in a wide range of production settings.