K-Tek Shark Antenna Mount - T Version
K-Tek Shark Antenna Mount - T Version


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Product Description

The K-Tek Shark antenna mount is made for easily installing shark fin (log periodic) antennas used with sound carts. The Shark can also be used for mounting IFB antennas, wireless receiver antennas, video receiver antennas, and video receiver antennas, and microphones. Crafted from a single piece of anodized aluminum tubing, the K-Tek Shark has a mounting bracket that allows the rugged antenna mount to be affixed to a boom pole or C-stand.

The Shark’s mounting bracket has a long cold shoe that holds a shoe mount (the K-Tek KSA, for purchase separately), allowing for mounting directly on the bracket. The Shark comes with two mounting rings that are movable along the Shark’s body, and these mounting rings have two 3/8 x 16 threaded studs on each ring, for mounting shark fin antennas. Also included is a removable 5/8 x 27 threaded stud for use with many IFB antennas. With the Sharkメs stock configuration, the user can mount up to four shark fin antennas and an IFB antenna.

K-Tek offers two versions of the Shark: the T and the L. The L has the main mounting bracket on one side so that when the antenna mount is affixed to the side of a sound cart, the majority of the aluminum tube is over the sound cart and not sticking far out from the side. The T has the main mounting bracket right in the middle of the aluminum tube that is designed for used if the antenna mount will be affixed to the back of a sound cart and in the middle.


Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 4ft (1.22m)
  • Weight: .75lbs (.34 kg)

Download the K-Tek Product Brochure. (3.27MB PDF)