K-Tek Small Shock Mount, Sanken CS-1

K-Tek K-SSM Shock Mount

$123.50 USD


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Product Description

The K-SSM is a shorter version of the K-SM Shock Mount. This mount was designed specifically with the Sanken CS-1 microphone in mind. The Sanken CS-1 has a very small mounting area on the rear that cannot be accomodated by other shockmounts without interfering with the side vents. This also would not allow proper mounting of a windscreen. The KSSM eliminates these problems. As with the K-SM, the microphone is held firmly in two specially formulated polymer mounts.

The mounts stretch to accommodate 19 to 25mm microphones. The mounts easily attach to thin machined aluminum arms. The assembly is very rugged for use on boom poles in ENG, documentary and other demanding applications. With the addition of the K-BWC the K-SSM is ideal for use on the Canon XL-1 Camera. It properly supports the microphone and elevates it away from camera noise and allows it to clear matte boxes and filter holders.