Ferrofish Pulse 16

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Ferrofish PULSE 16 — High-quality solution for connecting a wide range of external analog / ADAT studio equipment to a mixer or a computer interface.

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Ferrofish Pulse 16

The Ferrofish PULSE 16 is a high-quality solution for connecting a wide range of external analog and ADAT studio equipment to a mixer or a computer interface. The high-density converter provides 16 x 16 balanced analoge TRS-I/Os and can handle pro studio levels up to +20dBu – adjustable in 1 dB steps. Optional +24 dBU I/Os and/or CV outputs are available.

2 x 4 ADAT ports provide full 16 x 16 channel operation – even with up to 96 kHz. The optical ADAT ‘Lightpipe’ interface is still the most affordable way to transfer a variety of audio channels. Originally designed for the Alesis Digital Audio Tape machine – hence the name – in 1991 ADAT is reliable, standardized and still everywhere.

The PULSE series is using the recent high-performance low-latency converter generation from Cirrus Logic. Combined with a temperature-compensated high-precision clock and an active jitter reduction hardware design, the fan-less, 98-channel PULSE 16 delivers an exceptional detailed sound.

The Pulse 16 incorporates a Word Clock I/O and a MIDI I/O for embedding signals and remote control of the unit. Many popular features from the flagship A32 have been added as well: Preset Management, Panel Lock and the sophisticated routing matrix.

Ferrofish Pulse 16 Features:

Internal Routing Matrix

The PULSE 16 provides an internal matrix for the free routing and splitting of all 48 Ins to all 48 Outs in blocks of 8 channels. The integrated headphone output on the front allows it to monitor every mono or stereo I/O directly on the unit.

Dual TFT Display

Two high-resolution TFT displays provide detailed level information for all 2 x 16 signals at a glance. The innovative on-board contextual help, much loved by Ferrofish users, allows it to use the high-tech device, without reaching for the manual.

Optional MADI Upgrade

The PULSE16 can be upgraded with an optical MADI I/O module via the SFP port, turning it into a full-advanced PULSE16 MX. It not only adds 64 x 64 MADI channels, but allows sample rates of up to 192 kHz for all I/O, incl. ADAT (SMUX/4).

+24dBu I/O Option

This optional version raises the maximum input and output level of the 16 analog inputs and outputs from +20dBu to +24dBu, which then complies with the SMPTE standard.

CV Out Option

The CV version allows the output of DC voltage at the analog outputs of the Pulse16. This allows control voltages (CV) to be generated via a CV plugin in a DAW, allowing to control modular systems.


-8 to +20 dBU (Gain in 1 dB steps). Optional +24 dBU and/or CV.  Up to 192 kHz on ADAT and MADI with the installed MADI SFP module.


Each port transfers eight channels at a sample rate of 48 kHz (= 32 In + 32 Out). This way the PULSE16 can work as a Splitter for analog and ADAT inputs.


Monitoring of every PULSE stereo/mono I/O via an additional stereo DAC.


BNC with 75 Ohm / internal termination. On/Off via display.


For Remote Control and MIDI-over-MADI (with installed MADI module).


Optional MADI module. For Multimode or Singlemode MADI SFP with optical LC connector.