Comtek SLW-216B Base Load Whip Antenna

78.00 USD

Comtek SLW-216B Base Load Whip Antenna — For M-216 Option P7 transmitters. Reduces RF interference and helps mitigate handling noise.


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The Comtek SLW-216B Base Load Whip Antenna is specifically designed for use with Comtek M-216 Option P7 transmitters. The SLW-216B antennas provide improved performance during bag use by reducing interference from close proximity to other equipment. The SLW-216B also helps mitigate handling noise and improves R.F. stability.

Note: The charging function of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries through the AUX input jack is not compatible with the use of this antenna.

Also, older M-216 Option P7 transmitters prior to 2023 require a modification by the Comtek service department for optimal performance with this antenna.