Beyerdynamic SPACE Wireless Speakerphone

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Beyerdynamic SPACE Wireless Speakerphone — Hands-free personal speakerphone for business and personal use.

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Beyerdynamic SPACE Wireless Speakerphone

Beyerdynamic SPACE Wireless Speakerphone — Hands-free personal speakerphone for business and personal use. Experience unlimited freedom with beyerdynamic SPACE. Thanks to a combination of innovative microphone technology and high-quality speaker system, this reliable personal speakerphone will always ease your workload – whether you’re working in the office, from home or listening to your favourite music in your free time. Utilize your freedom and concentrate on what’s important – any time, anywhere.


  • Personal speakerphone for phone calls and meetings using audio and video call apps, such as Microsoft Teams® and Zoom
  • Ideal mobile hands-free solution for use in your home office, work office and spare time
  • High-quality loudspeaker system for excellent music playback
  • Innovative and mobile design
  • Easy connection via Bluetooth®, USB, or the beyerdynamic USB WL adapter for any application

Beyerdynamic SPACE and SPACE MAX

beyerdynamic offers two versions: the SPACE and the SPACE MAX. Check out the video below for an overview of the differences and similarities.

beyerdynamic Reference Sound

Whether reproducing voices or playing your favourite hits: equipped with a 1.5-inch full-range speaker, beyerdynamic SPACE will mesmerise you with its excellent sound quality. The speaker automatically switches between Voice Mode for clear voice reproduction and Music Mode for lively music playback. And thanks to True Wireless, two beyerdynamic SPACEs can be coupled for spatial stereo playback – perfect for an impressive musical experience or enthralling business presentation.


With 360° SMART MIC TECHNOLOGY, the SPACE offers maximum freedom of movement for telephone calls and meetings with up to six participants. The four integrated MEMS microphones automatically detect whether the incoming sound is voices or noise and suppress unwanted reverberation, echoes or feedback.

beyerdynamic SPACE automatically adjusts the volume of voices, ensuring dialogue is always harmonious. Full-duplex allows participants to speak simultaneously and still be heard, without dropouts or cut offs.

Beyerdynamic SPACE — Extensive Compatibility

Thanks to broad compatibility, phone calls, meetings, or private calls can be made quickly and easily across communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams® and Zoom, and many more. Officially certified for Zoom and 100 % compatible with Microsoft Teams.

Eye Catching Design

Inspired by modern interior design and stylish shapes, beyerdynamic SPACE has been developed to suit any room. Available in two colors – Nordic Grey & Charcoal. Equipped with an antibacterial textile, this speakerphone meets the requirements of the modern world of work and, together with the intuitive LED operating panel, is a real eye-catcher in any space.

Meets Demands of Everyday Life

With a battery time of up to 20 hours, the beyerdynamic SPACE offers flexibility without the need for constant charging. And if you happen to be running late: just ten minutes of charging will enable the speakerphone to be used for up to two hours. And the compact size of the SPACE makes it perfect when changing location. You can quickly store the personal speakerphone in its drawstring bag and safely switch between using it in your home, in the office or for your leisure activities. Its IP64 certification also confirms that it is protected against water spray.

Cleveryly Connected

beyerdynamic SPACE is easy to connect to a laptop, smartphone or tablet via USB or Bluetooth® – without the inconvenience of having to install drivers. It can be paired quickly and easily using Google Fast Pair and, thanks to the preset Private Mode, the SPACE automatically searches for a Bluetooth® connection to the last device it was connected with.

For even easier connection to your PC or laptop, there is the USB WL adapter: plug in, pair, and you’re done.

Long-Lasting Companion

As a traditional manufacturer, beyerdynamic values the use of high-quality materials and the opportunity to exchange decisive components. For example, beyerdynamic SPACE parts such as cables, battery and operating components can all be replaced. For the sake of the environment, the packaging is made entirely from recycled paper and cardboard.

Beyerdynamic SPACE — Ideal for Business

beyerdynamic SPACE meets all of the demands that companies place on conference solutions in everyday office life. It is perfect for use in single offices, huddle rooms, and small meeting rooms.

beyerdynamic model codes: 728594 & 728632