Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX Wireless Speakerphone

399.00 USD

Beyerdynamic Space Max — Wireless bluetooth speakerphone for phone calls and meetings. Compatible with popular apps, such as Teams and Zoom.

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Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX Wireless Speakerphone

Beyerdynamic Space Max — Wireless bluetooth speakerphone for phone calls and meetings using audio and video call apps, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom (certified)


  • Hands-free solution in medium to large meeting rooms, huddle rooms and individual offices
  • Easy connection via bluetooth, USB or USB WL adapter
  • Modern, user-friendly design with IP64 certification to protect against dust and splash water
  • 25 hours of battery life (in voice mode) with integrated Power Delivery fast-charging function and powerbank mode
  • Beyerdynamic SPACE and SPACE MAX

beyerdynamic offers two versions: the SPACE and the SPACE MAX. Check out the video below for an overview of the differences and similarities.

Beyerdynamic SPACE MAX — Excellent for Hybrid Working

Uncompromising performance and reliability: The beyerdynamic SPACE MAX speakerphone combines great speech intelligibility and outstanding audio quality for speech reproduction, multimedia and music. Whether it’s in a large meeting room, huddle room, or individual office – beyerdynamic SPACE MAX is the perfect plug-and-play solution for hybrid working.


With its high-quality speaker system, beyerdynamic SPACE MAX offers the maximum in sound – perfect for speech reproduction, media and music. The multifunctional speaker independently switches between Voice Mode for intelligible speech reproduction and Music Mode for lively music playback.


The integrated 360° SMART MIC TECHNOLOGY ensures maximum freedom of movement for telephone calls or large meetings with up to six participants (in Conference Cascade mode up to 12 people).

Thanks to beamforming technology and state-of-the-art signal processing, the microphone system with four MEMS microphones automatically detects whether the incoming sound is voice or noise. Unwanted reverb, echoes and feedback are immediately suppressed. The SPACE MAX sets new standards in echo cancellation technology.

To ensure the best possible conversation quality, SPACE MAX automatically adjusts the volume of all voices. Full-Duplex also allows participants to speak and be heard simultaneously – without any interruptions.


The SPACE MAX is inspired by current design trends and is a true visual highlight – both in the individual office and in the meeting room. No wonder that SPACE MAX was also awarded the renowned Red Dot Award for outstanding design. The backlit LED panel offers intuitive ease of use and access to all important functions during calls or music playback. The IP64 certification also protects against dust and splash damage.


Thanks to Plug-and-Play functionality, the SPACE MAX can be connected to a laptop, smartphone or tablet within seconds via USB or Bluetooth®. Pairing is even faster for users of Android devices thanks to Google Fast Pair. With the included USB cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter, you’ll be prepared for all relevant connection types.


When developing the SPACE MAX, we tasked ourselves to create a speakerphone that offers maximum flexibility at all times. Thanks to the battery life of at least 25 hours, constant charging and worrying about the battery level are a thing of the past. When things do need to move quickly, the SPACE MAX features a Power Delivery fast-charging function, so the device is ready to go again in no time. If the battery level of your own smartphone or tablet is low, use your SPACE MAX as a powerbank.


As a traditional manufacturer, we believe it’s extremely important to use high-quality materials and replaceable components. Even with beyerdynamic SPACE MAX, parts such as cables, operating components or the battery can be replaced if necessary.

beyerdynamic model codes: 728721 & 728756