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Sonosax SX-ST – The new King of the Hill

The new King-of-the-Hill When sound quality, signal routing, reliability, versatility, build quality and portability are what’s important, the new mixer from Sonosax – the SX-ST – is now King-Of-The-Hill. While it’s also the most expensive (what would you expect from The King?), for those who can’t afford anything less there’s plenty to justify the price. […]


Tools of the Trade: ENG Mixers

(Originally published in Audio Media Magazine USA) In the field of professional audio, there are a select few who have found themselves, either by choice or by fate, in the specialized niche of location Television and/or Film production. A niche industry creates niche equipment needs, and in the recent past, limited options for equipment to […]


Tools of the Trade: Portable Mixing Consoles

(Originally published in Audio Media Magazine USA) In this volume: Cooper CS-208 & CS-106; Sonosax SX-8; Zaxcom Cameo; Audio Developments AD-146, AD-147, & AD-149; PSC M8. For Film and Television production, these portable mixing consoles (or for our European colleagues, desks) pick up where even the best ENG (electronic news gathering) mixers leave off. Compact […]