Bullets of info

February 19, 2008 at 9:59 am

I’ve had numerous Audioflow topics running through my head, but none were extensive enough for an entire blog. So let me shoot through some bullet points.

  • The strike has come to an end, and we’re all glad to hear it. I’m not going to discuss the politics of the situation, just that a resolution is good. Frankly, I’m ready to start watching my favorite shows again. Thanks for hanging in there; Trew is ready to help you when the productions start humming again.
  • In my last post I discussed my wishes for the coming year and one has already been granted. Lectrosonics has recently released a wide band Venue (field model as well). They have also introduced antenna cable “BLOCK” filters. These external filters will allow the open frequency Venue to perform like the previous block specific models. This is beneficial to both us as a retailer and you as the user. For us, we know what to stock. The difficultly of stocking multiple frequency blocks should no longer be an issue. This means we can have the product on hand, and if we sell 10 in a day, Lectrosonics will have us backed up. They only have one frequency block to stock as well, the ALL IN ONE block. Naturally, we’ll have the antenna filters for all the most popular blocks as well. For users looking to go with the Venue system, instantly more versatility is available to you. Of course, receiver modules and transmitters are needed, but the option of “pluging-in” a new block has huge possibilities. Sony ECM-680S
  • I have a new favorite product to plug. It has been out for a couple of years, but the Sony ECM-680s stereo shotgun is a steal. It is mono compatible, great for boom or camera. Mid-side audio is internally converted to a left/right output on a 5-pin XLR. It is small, lightweight, and sounds great for a price under $800.
  • Important news for PD-6 owners. Contrary to the information gathered for my first Audioflow, titled “Misinformation,” Hitachi, Maxell’s parent company has discontinued the 8cm DVD-RAMs in a cartridge for the PD-6. The will continue to make the 8cm DVD-RAMs just not in the cartridge. Fostex responded by announcing they will manufacture cartridges. More news on this to follow I’m sure.
  • NAB Logo

  • NAB is right around the corner.Deva Fusion
    • Zaxcom has announced the Deva Fusion. In a simple nutshell the Fusion is a 4 track Deva 5.8, with two compact flash slots, no hard drive, and no dvd-ram drive. Upgrades are available adding up to 4 additional tracks and an software effects package with compression, equalization, and expansion.
    • Zaxcom has also began showing prototypes of the Deva 16. More to come on that one!
    • Fostex has delivered our PD-606 and I am impressed. At a great price of $7995, it is very versatile and cart/bag ready. It will record simultaneously to both FULL size dvd-r/ram/rw and theFostex PD-606 internal/removable hard drive. A great feature of the recorder is seamless power switching between the two onboard V-lock batteries, and external power supply. If you don’t have V-locks, an NP-1 adapter kit is also available. The upgrades from the PD-6 are numerous. First the dvd or hard drive can be the master medium. Secondly, the full size is an obvious plus with the added bonus of dvd-r and dvd-rw formats. In addition, the direct outputs are a new feature. I do think the direct outs would be better served as buss outs, much like the Deva. Nevertheless, a good buy.

Once again thank you for hanging in with my ramblings let me know what is on your mind. Gear questions, procedures, techniques? Let me know.