Wisycom MCR42S Dual True Diversity UHF Miniature Receiver

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Wisycom MCR42S-US Dual True Diversity UHF Miniature Receiver

MCR42S-US is a camera receiver designed for best-in-class performances. Four receivers are internally coupled by two in a real true diversity configuration. Its front end has a chain of microcontrolled-driven movable filters to allow broadband operation up to 228 MHz with great selectivity.

A powerful low consuption DSP gives you the best of analogue and digital technologies in an hybrid approach for smooth operations, high coverage and with our patented PTT (push to talk) already integrated.


  • Dual true diversity in a modular stand-alone or slot-in format.
  • Switching bandwidth up 228 MHz in the UHF range.
  • DSP based audio processing for unbeatable audio and digital outputs with our PTT (push to talk) patented technology already integrated.
  • 40 groups of 60 frequencies fully user programmable.
  • Multicompander operations
  • Infrared interface for programming and transmitter synchronization
  • Wisycom exclusive digital sub-carrier telemetry technology allows: Remote TX battery monitoring, tone-squelch operating and PTT function (An optional back-panel module is available, with the secondary intercom output)
  • Easy setup and operation thru a OLED display


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Switchable channels2400 allocated by 40 groups of 60 channels
Switching windowUp to 232 MHz, depending on band
Frequenciesmicroprocessor controlled frequency synthesizer circuit, with 25 kHz minimum step. The frequencies is easily PC reprogrammed with the optional UPK 300E Programming Kit
Frequency error< ᄆ 2.5 ppm, in the rated temperature range
Temperature range-10 to +55 ᄚC (14 to 131 ᄎF)
ModulationFM, with 50 μs de-emphasis
Nominal deviationᄆ40 kHz (Max. operating dev. = ᄆ 60 kHz)
"A" / "B" antenna inputswith sturdy connectors
Antenna input impedance50 ohm sma type (SWR < 1:2; typ. 1:1.4)
Sensitivity▪ 2 μV ( 0 dBμV), for SND/N > 58 dB / 5 μV (14 dBμV), for SND/N > 98 dB in the whole switching-window [*]
Amplitude response< 0.5 dB (RF input sig.:6 dBμV � 100 dBμV)
Co-channel rejection> 2.5 dB
Adjacent chan. selectivity> 80 dB typical (for ch. spacing ≥ 400 kHz)
Spurious rec. rejection> 100 dB
IF image rejection> 90 dB
Intermod. rejection> 76 dB
IIP3> +10 dBm typical
Spurious emissions< 2 nW (typical = 0.1 pW)
Noise-ReductionENR (Wisycom Extended-NR), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, noise optimized/ENC (Wisycom Extended-NC), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, voice optimized & with reduced pre-emphasys
AF bandwidth30 Hz � 20 kHz
Frequency response� 0.5 dB in the 30 Hz � 19 kHz range
Distortion0.3 % typical
SND/D ratio (Analogue)110 dB typical [*]
SND/D ratio (AES3)>125 dB typical [*]
POWER LEDs2 multicolor RGB LEDs to easy indicate Rx1 & Rx2 power status
RF LEDs2 multicolor RGB LEDs to easy indicates Rx1 & Rx2 RF status. Always on in normal operation
AUDIO LEDs2 multicolor RGB LEDs to easy indicates Rx1 & Rx2 audio status
Front buttonssimple operation with 4 buttons to quickly monitor and setup the receiver. One touch function for a frequency scan and sync function
PoweringExternal = 5 � 18 Vdc (1.5 W max) / Autonomous. = with optional BCA 42 Battery Module (5 x IEC-LR6 1.5V size-AA alkaline or rechargeable elements)
Dimensions"Slot-in" execution= 68 x 18 x 115 mm, "Stand-alone" exec. = 68 x 18 x 135 mm
Weight180 g approx.
Analogue Audio Outputユ Audio line-output electronically balanced on two 3 pin mini-XLR Female connector / Audio line-output level Adjustable in a one dB step between -20 and +6 dBu (nominal) and MAX +12 dBu (peak deviation) / Audio line-output imped. ≤ 200 ohm
Push to Talk (PTT) Audio Outputelectronically balanced on a 5 pin mini-XLR Male connector
Digital Audio Outputelectronically balanced on 3 pin mini-XLR Male connector / AES3 @ 48 kHz
[*] RMS value, 22 Hz / 22 kHz, unweighted