Viviana Cloud

399.00 USD

A brand new device that helps you save time and keep your files safe by uploading your recordings straight from your recorder to the cloud.

Viviana Cloud is made of 2 parts:

  • 1. a purpose-engineered Viviana Cloud box
  • 2. the Viviana Cloud smartphone app (iOs 14 only for now).


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Switch on the Viviana Cloud, plug it into your AATON recorder, 8-Series or MixPre Sound Devices recorder, put your mixer-recorder into File Transfer mode, and use the app to select which files you want to upload to your own Dropbox account.

The Viviana Cloud smartphone app will help you manage and share your recordings, listen to tracks, check your files metadata, share and even create sound reports.

You can use Viviana Cloud also with You can use it also with Zoom F8 and external card reader or USB drive.