Viviana Beetle

17.99 USD

Modular Lavalier microphone Concealer for Sanken COS-11. Designed to conceal and reduce noise with Sanken COS-11 Lavalier microphones mounted on talent out of sight with multiple mounting options.



A one of a kind low-profile Lavalier microphone Concealer that’s ultra-sleek and Modular! The Beetle is versatile mic-model specific concealer — the first one designed for the venerable Sanken COS-11 with other mic versions like DPA 6060 Series coming soon. It helps solve multiple problems when “micing” up talent out of sight under clothing with the need to reduce rubbing and rustle noise.

Injection moulded for toughness the modular design allows for different “snap-on” attachments like a bra clip and vampire clip (coming soon). The basic Beetle can be used easily in the Viviana Chest Strap or directly on skin or wardrobe with Viviana Stickers. Made of hypoallergenic clear tape, Viviana Stickers are the shape of the Beetle concealer and perfect to hold the Beetle onto skin and fabric without leaving any residue.

The Viviana Beetle is available in Black or White, Accessories such as the bra clip and Stickers all sold separately.