Trionic Industries Antenna Bar System

350.00 USD

Trionic Industries Antenna Bar System — For mounting antennae to your sound cart. Collapsible, telescoping rail with interchangeable mounts.

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Trionic Industries Antenna Bar System

The Trionic antenna rail system is collapsible, telescoping rail, with interchangeable antenna mounts, six ¼-20 threaded inserts, and three 3/8-16 threaded inserts. The interchangeable antenna mounts allow you to mount sharkfins (Such as BlueFins) directly to the bar. Or use a 3/8-16 bolt to quick mount antennas to the end of the rail. The center block, having all of the threaded inserts allow you to mount dinkum arms, noga/magic arms, or any other peripheral for transmission or reception. You could even mount a stereo mic bar for ambience. Each bar end option, whether the 1″ 4 screw pattern of the Bluefin or the 3/8-16 through bolt is selected, will include necessary hardware. Each antenna also includes two elastic ties. Antennas spacing is 18.5″-26.5″ in 1″ increments.

*v1 designates bar ends with a 1×1” 4 screw hole pattern (As used on Zaxcom Bluefin ½) for hardmounting

*v2 designates bar ends with through hole and a knurled 3/8-16 bolt for universal mounting of most antennas

Available accessories:

Betso Block — For mounting the Betso Sharkie Antenna. Only works with Version 2 of the Antenna Bar System.

Monarch Adapter — For mounting the Sound Devices A20-Monarch Antenna. Only works with Version 1 of  the Antenna Bar System.