Tentacle Sync TRACK E

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Pocket-sized audio recorder with 32 bit floating point technology.

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Tentacle Sync TRACK E

The Tentacle Sync Track E is nearly as small as the Timecode Sync Generator Sync E, so it can easily fit in your pocket for recording on the go. This allows mobile operation for example as a recorder for a clip-on microphone eliminating the need for a radio-link. It offers timecode synchronization over bluetooth based on the well established Tentacle Sync technology. This means that the Track E will work in environments where regular wireless transmitter fail. Controllable through an app for iOS or Android, it seamless integrates into the Sync E synchronization network by the push of a button via bluetooth. But the Track E does not necessarily need a Sync E device to operate – it can easily function as a stand-alone device. As soon as the device is turned on, it will be recognized by the Tentacle Sync app and can be configured wirelessly.

The Track E uses 32 bit floating point technology for recording the audio for a significantly enhanced dynamic range. This means that the volume of the recorded audio doesn’t matter. Audio that was recorded too quiet, can be raised in volume to the desired volume without raising the noise floor. 32 bit floating point also means that no digital clipping will occur, making the Track E a versatile set-&-forget-device that will always deliver high quality audio.

“With the Track E users can treat audio in a similar way as photographers use the RAW camera photo format – all details can be adjusted in post production, significantly reducing the preparation time before you start shooting. We designed the device specifically with YouTubers, documentary or wedding filmers in mind, who don‘t want to miss the perfect timing for a shot, just because they need to adjust something on their recorder. But even large-scale production can benefit from the Track E as a no-frills backup device.” says Ulrich Esser Co-CEO of Tentacle Sync and developer behind the Track E.

The Track E uses a changeable SD card for recording the audio. An input limiter and a high-pass filter guarantee for pristine recording quality. A screwable mini jack connector offers maximum security for connecting microphones. The Track E features adjustable plugin power for supporting a wide range of microphones. A free license of Tentacle Sync Studio is included with every Track E purchase.