Sonosax SX-ST

Sonosax SX-ST Mixer Board

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North American Version

Those already familiar with the SX-ST – especially those who have purchased them outside of North America – may note some of the details mentioned above are not quite as you recall. That is because Trew Audio felt that certain features of the original design of the SX-ST could be altered to better suite the typical methods of North American sound crews. Therefore, we worked with Sonosax to come up with the following features that are, at this point, unique to SX-ST mixers imported into North America:

Prefader direct assignment to mix busses
When the assignment switch is in the position “away from the line”, the signal bypasses the pan pot and fader, and is routed directly to the mix buss. (Euro standard is this position only bypasses the pan pot, but is always post fader to the mixer buss).
Back Panel XLRs
Mix 1, 2, 3, & 4 out
Aux Out 1 & 2 (Euro version includes Aux 3 & 4 also)
Return inputs 1 & 2 on female XLRs to accommodate 2 channels of return without the need for a 25pin harness (not standard on Euro version)
Com and PLL
Master modules programmed for full remote activation by boom operators
Boom operators activate full duplex circuit and call-light when pressing a PTT (push-to-talk) button on their belt-worn box This allow the boom op to talk at will instead of waiting for the mixer to activate their circuit. (Euro default is to only activate the red light as not to disturb the mixer)
No monitor attenuation during talkback This allows the boom operator to know that their voice has enough volume for the mixer to hear them over the program level.
Side tone is set so that each person (mixer, boom 1, boom 2) hears their own voice at approximately the same level that the listener does.
Mic gain is set for reduced limiter activation and so that a talkback mic close to the mouth requires a setting of approximately 12:00.
Slate and Mixer’s Talkback:
No muting or ducking of the program monitor during slating.
No monitor muting during slating (the mixing engineer should be able to hear the actual level of their voice as it appears on the mix buss they are monitoring.
Input trim pot detent:
No Detent for US standard (Euro standard has a center detent).
Low cut filter:
Pre EQ, prefader (always on regardless of EQ)
AFL: Post Pan
(Current Euro standard is PRE PAN)
Input module ON switch activation:
Instant (Euro version has 125ms or 250ms delay)
Power up option:
All input modules turn ON at power up (Euro default is OFF).
441mm x 437mm x 74mm (17.36″ x 17.21″ x 2.91″)

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