Schoeps CCM Parabolic Dish Sets

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Matched system of CCM microphone and parabolic dish for highest directivity at medium and high frequencies.

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A parabolic dish is an extraordinary tool in the hands of a skilled sound engineer, since it achieves a surprisingly high directivity at high and medium frequencies with relatively simple means. With this new parabolic dish system consisting of a special OEM parabolic dish from Telinga and a Schoeps CCM microphone, these characteristics can fully be realized. In addition SCHOEPS achieved significant improvements in terms of some usual disadvantages of a parabolic dish system by several innovative measures.

  • Matched system of CCM microphone and parabolic dish for highest directivity at medium and high frequencies
  • Application: nature recordings, sports broadcasts, sound design
  • For best results use with free EQ plugin “ParabolEQ”
  • Strong protection against wind noise due to innovative design using a Rycote windshield with fur
  • Sets available with omni, wide cardioid or cardioid CCM microphone
  • OEM parabolic dish from Telinga

The enormous directivity of a parabolic dish often comes with a very unbalanced frequency response, which also varies widely for different directions of sound incidence. This usually leads to a clear coloration. To overcome that, the SCHOEPS Parabolic Dish Set is a matched system. The microphone position is designed to produce a smooth frequency response (unusual for a parabolic system) for the three recommended CCM microphone types. Although the frequency response is now smooth, it is not yet even, so must still be equalized. This is automatically achieved with their FREE plugin ParabolEQ. The plugin performs filtering based on the entered application parameters, producing a flat frequency response between 100 Hz and 20 kHz. The correction curve is visualized accordingly.

Sets include:

  • CCM microphone incl. premium box, SGC clamp, K 5 LU
  • Parabolic dish 22″ foldable, transparent
  • Handle including the fixed microphone cable
  • Microphone holder with Rycote windshield incl. mounting kit
  • Rycote fake-fur Windjammer