Sanken CMS-50 Compact Shotgun Microphone

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Sanken CMS-50 Compact Shotgun Microphone

Mid Side (M-S) Professional Shotgun Lets You Adjust Stereo Width

The unique CMS-50 is a 5.4″ compact stereo condenser shotgun that weighs only 4.6oz. The mic is especially suited to shoots where tight patterns and premium sound are the goal. It can be camera mounted without interfering with even a short lens, yet still provide the quality of audio demanded by today’s professionals.

It is an M-S (Mid-Side) configuration which makes it possible to adjust the stereo width from mono to stereo at the mixer or in post production. The shotgun includes two outputs, a cardioid and figure of 8, which can be fed into the mixer for width adjustments. If both outputs are recorded then width can be managed in post.

Like all Sanken shotguns the CMS-50 is rugged and dependable with a wide range of applications where sound clarity and noise rejection are critical requirements.

High Quality M-S Stereo Microphone Suitable for Ambient Recording

The CMS-50’s lightweight, rugged design and unique components assure optimum resistance to humidity and adverse temperature changes.

  • Unique Sanken lightweight design
  • Sharp directivity
  • M and S component outputs to compose Stereo signal, conveninent for pre and post processing
  • High sound qualtity, suitable for ambient recording such as Field Sports, Movies, Operas etc.
  • Beautiful Cardioid and Figure-8 patterns provide smooth and coherent Stereo
  • Short 5.4″ length, lightweight (less than 5oz) for easy operation
  • Ideal for boom pole operation on drama and film shoots
  • Ideal for mounting on cameras with short lens
  • Advanced RFI rejection
  • HPF Switch to change low frequency characteristic
  • Wide 60Hz – 20kHz frequency range
  • Rugged and dependable design

Decoding M-S Signals from CMS-50

The CMS-50 outputs M and S signals. These can be decoded to Left and Right using the optional MB-2D decoder or can be decoded in the mixing console…

To derive the left and right channel outputs from M-S coincident microphone sources use the following summing and difference:

  • L ch : Sum of M and S
  • R ch : Difference between M and S

By connecting the outputs to the mixer as shown, both M and S signals can be decoded as L ch. and R ch. The angle between L and R can also be varied by the adjustment of the S ch. fader volume. When levels of M and S are the same, the stereophonic angle is 127°.

Pollar Pattern

CMS-50 Polar Pattern Mid

CMS-50 Polar Pattern Side

Frequency Response

CMS-50 Frequency Response Mid

CMS-50 Frequency Response Side

Transducer Self – polarised condenser
Directivity M: Cardioid, S: Figure-8
Frequency response (60Hz – 20kHz)
Sensitivity (at 1kHz) -28dB (40mV) (0dB = 1V/Pa)
Equivalent noise level (A weighted) 18dB SPL (A weighted)
Max SPL (1% THD) 138dB SPL
Output impedance( 1kHz ) 140 ohms
High pass filter cut off freq. 60Hz
Powering +48V ± 4V Phantom U.P.F
Current consumption 4 mA (each channel)
Weight 4.6oz (130g)
Dimensions 5.4″ (137mm) length/ 0.87″ (22mm) diam.
Surface finish Matte Black
Connector XLR-5-12C(M) equivalent( 1: GND, 2: M-Hot, 3: M-Cold, 4: S-Hot, 5: S-Cold )